Due Date

RA Applications are due January 28th by 5pm EST.  The application can be found here: https://app.joinhandshake.com/postingscentrecollegresidence

Who can be an RA?

Any student at Centre College can apply to be an RA. The Residence Life Office seeks to hire a diverse student staff each year. Due to the wide scope of the position, students who apply are required to have achieved at least a 2.5 grade point average. 

How are RAs selected?

RAs are selected based on a point system. Points are received for the application, a resume, RA Pursuit (a series of written exercises and observed group exercises) and interviews with professional staff. Applications will be available toward the end of the Fall term.

Do RAs get paid?

RAs currently receive a monthly salary of $360, as well as various other perks such as getting a single room for the price of a double and a free parking sticker.

What are some advantages to being an RA?

  • RAs develop strong leadership skills that are transferrable to any position, especially in the professional opportunities post-Centre. Many employers are impressed to see Residence Life experience. 
  • It is rewarding to help others! Our program is based on a peer counseling model. RA training emphasizes safety and empowerment of others over anything else.  
  • RAs get to be part of a very close-knit community, otherwise known as the “RA Family.” The RA community provides strong support and friendship for one another.
  • You get to know, and work with, a diverse group of people. RAs often state what a wonderful experience it is to get to know a group of people they may not have otherwise gotten to know.
  • It’s very fun and rewarding!

May I have a roommate as an RA?

As part of compensation, RAs are allowed to live without a roommate for no extra charge. Many RAs prefer to have roommates, which is permissible for RAs who do not have first year residents.

May I still apply to be an RA if I am applying to go abroad?

We prefer to hire RAs for a full year if possible so the hallway communities are not impacted. However, some RAs are hired on a half year basis. Being abroad for CentreTerm does not have any effect on hiring.

Can you still apply if you were found responsible for a policy violation?

 Yes, you may still apply if you were found in violation of a College policy. The search committee is more interested in hearing what you might have learned from the violation than the violation itself. 

Can you be involved in other activities and still be an RA?

Yes. Be careful though. The RA job is an important role on campus. As such, the Residence Life Office sets high expectations of its staff. This requires attendance at mandatory weekly meetings, maintaining a strong presence in the residential community, and time for preparing and implementing educational and social programs. If outside commitments hinder the RA's ability to perform, that individual may be asked to drop additional commitments. 

Is there a certain type of applicant you are looking for?

No. There is not a specific type of student we are seeking. Our RAs are involved in anything from: collegiate athletics and Greek Life, to being members of scholarship groups and members of various student organizations. We are looking for students who are passionate about helping others. Additionally, you do not have to be part of any organization to be an RA. Sometimes, the RA position springboards students to get involved with other campus activities. 

Where can I go to get more information about the position?

You may email reslife@centre.edu for more information.  Applications close January 28th at 5pm EST.