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The Bonner Program is a group of students who are dedicated to becoming civically engaged in their communities. The Bonner Program at Centre College is comprised of 60 diverse students who are passionate about making a lasting impact through community service. The Program includes 30 Bonner Scholars who are select students who are committed to community service and demonstrate high financial need. The Program also consists of 30 Bonner Leaders who are select students who are interested in making service a priority during their Centre experience.


Bonners are matched with nonprofit organizations, schools, and government agencies that align with their interests in social issues and, for four years, intern 10 hours a week at one organization. The Centre College community benefits from the Bonner Program because of the culture of service created and social issue awareness that permeates different social groups and academic interests. Bonners greatly value and respect the safe space to share ideas and to dialogue across difference. Bonners are uniquely transformed through the personal and professional growth that comes from membership in the Bonner community and regular engagement in experiential learning through service.


All members of the Bonner Program share the same common commitments to diversity, social justice, international perspectives, spiritual exploration, civic engagement, and community building.


The Centre Service Council will be working to make campus service a collaborative effort for the 2023-2024 school year and beyond. 

Council Chair: Claire Melvin

Member Organizations:

Alpha Delta Pi
Alpha Phi Omega
Best Buddies
Beta Theta Pi
Black Student Organization
Bonner Program
Centre College After School Program
Centre Christian Fellowship
Centre Garden Club
Centre Pride Alliance
Delta Delta Delta
Delta Kappa Epsilon
Food Recovery Network
International Student Association


The Bluegrass RIDE bus service has two stops on campus and serves multiple non-profits in the local community. This is a free service available through Bluegrass Community Action Partnership.

Community-Based Learning

Contact Nisha Gupta, Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning,  

Jessie Weasner                                                                                            
Director of Civic & Community Engagement and The Bonner Program                                     

Nathan Whitlock
Assistant Director of Civic & Community Engagement and The Bonner Program

Caitlyn Barnes
Coordinator of Civic & Community Engagement and The Bonner Program