The Campus Center is the main dining area on campus as well as offices to Student Life and student organizations.

Do You Have an Event Coming Up?

Advertising in the Campus Center is easy, it just requires a little bit of planning ahead on your part. Make sure to carefully read the following information, and if you have any questions, contact Tylar Davidson, the Interim Assistant Director of Student Activities

Game Room policies/procedures

Please be mindful of others. If other people are waiting to use something, please limit your play time to thirty (30) minutes.

Gaming Consoles

Wii (Cabinet 1); PlayStation 3 (Cabinet 2); Xbox 360 (Cabinet 2)


In order to use these consoles, students can check out games, controllers, and keys at the Information Desk. Students simply leave their ID and sign a log for the items that they are using. Students should initial next to each item they take from the Information Desk, and the Info worker should double check that all of those items are returned in usable shape before they return the student’s ID. All items must be returned to the Information Desk before they can be checked out by another user – students cannot transfer responsibility for these items without returning them first.


From the Information Desk, students will take:


• A key to the appropriate console cabinet

• Remotes for the system

• One game at a time

Wireless headphones are available within each cabinet for use with the game systems.


Students will receive the items listed above in a plastic container. Students will be charged for items not returned or returned in unusable condition.


To play pool, students must check out the balls from the Information Desk and leave their Student ID or another form of photo ID. Pool sticks are located in the Game Room and may not be removed for any reason. Students are responsible for returning the full set of pool balls to the Information Desk, otherwise you will be charged to replace them.

Ping Pong

Students must check out ping pong paddles and balls from the Information Desk. They must leave their student ID at the desk and will get it back upon the return of the equipment. If any of the equipment is lost or damaged, students will be charged to replace it.


Reservations are available for rooms in the Campus Center, Combs Center Warehouse, Chowan, Old Carnegie, and various outdoor spaces. To make reservations for any of these, login to Event Centre using your Centrenet username and password.


• If you simply want to check availability of space in the Campus Center, you may view all dates at the above link also.
• Reservation requests must be entered using a email address. Reservations requested with a non-Centre email address will be denied.
• The reservation time you select should be for the actual event or meeting time. Please use the notes section to indicate requested set up/tear down time.
• If you have any questions after submitting a reservation please respond to the confirmation email you received.
• Please be thorough when filling out the reservation form to ensure proper scheduling of space and resources. Incomplete information will delay the approval of your reservation.
• Please utilize the set up and notes sections of the form for any physical or audio/visual needs. Set up needs not indicated in this form cannot be guaranteed.
• Certain spaces have a 3-7 day advance reservation window. This is to ensure time for set ups to be properly scheduled. In some circumstances requests for space after the window may be considered depending on availability and needs. These requests must be sent to Tylar Davidson.

Reservation Regulations

• Any Centre College recognized group or organization may reserve space in the Campus Center for meetings, events, etc.
• Parties outside the Centre College community may rent the space when school is not in session, and during school upon approval by the College. For those interested in renting space in the Campus Center, please contact Stephanie Franklin in Human Resources.
• For urgent reservation requests, those needed within five (5) calendar days, please contact the Interim Director of Student Activities, Tylar Davidson.
• If a room you have reserved is locked, please contact the Campus Center Information Desk or the Department of Public Safety.
• If you have any problems, please contact the Campus Center Information Desk.

Set-up and Technology Requirements

To make specific requests for set-up, please send an email to the Interim Director of Student Activities, Tylar Davidson. Please select the room that is best equipped for your needs. Other accommodations can be made upon special request. Do not assume that everything you need will be in the space you reserve (i.e. computers, VGA cables, adaptors, DVD player, etc.).


The Student Life Office reserves the right to charge an individual, group, or organization for damage incurred to the space or for excessive cleaning. Additionally, reservation privileges for the responsible parties may be revoked.

Banquet and Food Service Information

For information involving food service and catering, please contact the Catering Manager for Parkhurst at 859.238.6240.

Digital Signage System (D-Flyers)

The D-Flyers play on the two (2) screens at the north and south entrances to the Campus Center. Any club, office, organization, or group recognized by the College may submit D-Flyers to advertise specific events and happenings on campus.

Formatting D-Flyers

• The slide can easily be created in Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Photoshop, and other programs. The final file types must be submitted in one of the following image types: .JPG, .TIF, .PCD, & .BMP.
• Please keep a 3/4 inch margin of text and graphic free area around the outer edge of the slide, as there will be some cropping when the slide is published to the television.
• Please make these slides visually interesting; using color, fonts, pictures, and graphics. Additionally, do not make the slide so busy that information is lost on those just passing by. There may be no references to drugs or alcohol.

Properly Setting Up The Format In Applications

Microsoft Publisher

• Create a new document at a custom size of 18.5 inches long by 11 inches high.
• Create the slide. Be sure to keep text away from the edges.
• Save and submit the document as a .jpg file.

Adobe Photoshop

• Create a new document at 1280 by 768 pixels.
• Do not select a color bit rate over 8.
• Create the slide.
• Save and submit the slide as a .jpg file.


Please submit the flyers to no later than five (5) days prior to when you want the slides to run.
In the email, include:

• Start date of the slide, which can be no more than eight (8) calendar days prior to an event.
• End date of the slide (the day it should be removed).

The Student Life Office reserves the right to exclude any submission or change it for content or visual appeal.


If you have questions or suggestions for the Digital Signage in the Campus Center, please contact the Interim Director of Student Activities, Tylar Davidson.


There are bulletin boards located in the Parent’s Association Game Room, the south hallway of the second floor, and in the north and south vestibules on the first floor.


Do NOT place flyers or anything else anywhere other than these bulletin boards. Postings placed on glass, doors, furniture, walls, etc. will be promptly removed.


Supplies for making signs and banners are in the Student Organization Suite and are available to the entire Centre community. There are eight different rolls of colored paper, a variety of paints, die cuts, and markers, fabric markers, glitter, construction paper, scissors, crayons, colored pencils, and more. Supplies are not to be removed from the Campus Center. If supplies are running low or empty, please notify the Student Life Office.


When creating a banner, consider the space. Perhaps making a vertical banner may be a more efficient use of space.


Include name of event, sponsoring group, date, time, and location, and other pertinent information.


Do not hang banners more than ten (10) days before an upcoming event.


Do not hang a banner that blocks the vents on the north wall of Cowan Dining Commons. Signs or banners that cover the vents will be removed.


Hang banners from the 2nd floor railing over into Cowan Dining Commons.


You may hang banners with masking tape, painters tape, string, and ribbon.


You may NOT hang banners using zip ties, duct tape, packaging tape, wire, or anything that may damage the railings. Any signs that are secured by any of these methods will be removed.


Do not move or remove another sign to make room for your sign. If a group removes or moves another group’s sign, they may lose the privilege of posting signs/banners in Cowan Dining Commons.


Remove your own sign when your event is over.