Colleges and universities across the nation are not immune to sexual violence and harassment on their campuses, and Centre College faces a similar challenge.

To reduce the harm that occurs on our campus and nationwide we must undo generational attitudes about acceptable behavior and relearn how to treat one another with care, dignity, and respect. These should be important values for all members of our campus community and our nation, as well as the expected characteristics of global citizens called to leadership.

We are serious and intent on being an exception to the rule and are devoting considerable attention to creating a culture of caring at Centre College, where all members of our campus community are safe and feel protected. This type of change will not happen overnight, because it requires making serious adjustments to prevailing cultural views and values. It also requires all of us working together.

As we seek solutions to the challenges we face here at Centre College, we are doing so with a holistic approach that includes sexual assault prevention education and transparency around our protocols and processes. Together we can make a difference for good.  Please join us in a commitment to create a culture of caring at Centre College. We should expect nothing less than the best from ourselves and others.