Information for Immediate Help

  • Find a safe place to go
  • Call someone that you trust
    • You can also call 911, 859-236-4357 or dial for "HELP" (4357) from a campus phone for DPS
    • Ampersand's 24/7 crisis line isĀ (859) 253-2511
  • If you need medical care, the closest places to go are:
    • Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center's Emergency Room
    • University of Kentucky's Emergency Room
  • You can decide whether you want to have a SAFE kit performed and/or if you want to take prophylactic medications.
  • You may choose to report to campus authorities, local law enforcement and/or to one of the members of the Title IX Team.

If you want to make a report, you can fill out the online form here or contact John Perrin, the Title IX Coordinator, at 859-238-5881 or

Title IX and Sexual Misconduct Links