Other Mental Health Resouces

Resources on healthy relationships, including how to talk to a friedn about an unhealthy relationship and relationship quizzes

(866) 331-9474

Text "loveis" to 22522


An on-line resource for college student mental health.  Includes an anonymous on-line assessment.

Access to free educational materials about living with mood disorders.

Offers a wealth of information on eating disorders.

Comprehensive information about treatment options, a lot of helpful fact sheets and opportunities for getting involved.

Extensive information about drugs of abuse, public education information and the latest research and news about drug abuse.

Information about starting an AA chapter, daily reflections and an online bookstore.

Offers ability to search for meetings, general information about NA, and literature about drug abuse.  (888) GET-HOPE (438-4673)  www.na.org

Information on starting a group or joining a group for people who know or have known a feeling of desperation concerning the addiction problem of someone very near to you.

Nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization with information about sexual violence, safety and prevention, public policy, media and resources, consultation and training and how to get involved.

Resources and information about mental health on college campuses across the country