BEFORE traveling abroad, please read over the Maintaining F-1 Student Status page. 

You will need to have the Travel Endorsement on page 2 of your I-20 signed by someone in the ISS office if you will depart and later re-enter the US. This signature is valid for one year.

Research and/or Study Abroad

F-1 students should discuss their intentions to study/research abroad with ISS BEFORE departing the US. Generally speaking, your SEVIS record will remain ACTIVE while you are doing Centre College approved research and/or study abroad, meaning there should be no breaks in your immigration status, even though you will not be physically present within the US.

Travel Visas for Other Countries

Your admission into another country – including transit countries – will depend on your country of citizenship, as well as your specific country of destination. A good starting point to help you determine if you will need another visa is to check with a visa service provider such as CIBTvisas** or to contact the appropriate embassy or consulate website for that particular transit or destination country.

**CIBTvisas: You do not need to create an account or sign in for the CIBTvisas website to simply check if you need a travel visa. Most F-1 students at Centre will enter "State of residence" = "Kentucky" and "My purpose of trip is" = "Tourist" or "Connecting/Transit". If you need a visa and wish to use CIBTvisa services, you may need to create a login and pay the appropriate fees. Please check with ISS and/or Study Abroad/Away offices to inquiry if there are any discount codes when using CIBT services. 

While ISS and Study Abroad/Away offices may assist you with documents you may need for travel visa application, it is your responsibility and to apply for the appropriate visa promptly.


For more information, please contact ISS and/or refer to the following source(s):

Maintaining F-1 Student Status