In the event that a student misses class due to illness and will not miss a graded assignment or lab, it is the responsibility of that student to notify faculty prior to the missed class. If the student misses a class due to illness and will be missing an exam, other graded assignment, or lab, that student should contact the faculty member prior to the missed class and should seek medical attention in order to obtain a medical excuse. The following conditions qualify for a medical excuse:

  1. Hospital admission
  2. Ill at home with a written excuse from the primary care physician's office.  Confirmation of an illness by the parent may be accepted by the Associate Dean in extenuating circumstances.
  3. Evaluated at Student Health prior to the missed class and diagnosed with an illness severe enough to be confined to bed.  Medical excuse notification will be sent to appropriate faculty members with the student's written permission.  A medical excuse is not appropriate for minor illnesses and will not be granted retroactively.

In the rare event that a student should need to be excused from a final exam due to illness, the college physician or physician assistant will communicate directly with the Associate Dean of the College before an exam can be rescheduled or an “incomplete” granted.

If a student is leaving campus to go home because of illness, Student Health should be informed prior to departure.  Information regarding medical withdrawal can be found under the Leave of Absence/Withdrawal from the College section of this handbook.