Diversity and Inclusion Feedback Form

Please use the form linked below to provide feedback on issues of diversity and inclusion at Centre College.  
This form may be used to provide feedback on diversity and inclusion efforts in campus programming, offices, or departments.  The data gathered through this feedback form will inform planning, programming, and/or other specific campus actions.
The form may be submitted anonymously, or you may provide your contact information if you desire follow up from someone in the Centre College Office of Diversity. Submitting this form will share the information directly with the staff in the Office of Diversity, but you must share your contact information if you desire direct follow up. A summary of responses received via this form will be prepared on a regular basis. 


Note: A more formal bias-incident reporting tool remains in development, but we hope this new form will serve as a useful tool for community members to share their views.
Diversity and Inclusion Feedback Form

Identity Change Request Form

Centre College developed a policy in fall 2017 whereby current transgender students may request a new first and/or middle name on campus, regardless of whether they have legally changed their name. Except where the legal name is required by law, industry standard, or strong business need, the College will endeavor to use the new name(s).

In addition to designating a new name or names, this policy allows transgender students to designate a gender marker that differs from their sex at birth, with the understanding that there may be some systems where the implementation of a gender marker other than the legal sex is not possible.

Because Centre has many information systems, it is possible that changes will not take effect in some areas of the College or will take effect more slowly in some areas than in others.

That said, the new name(s) will be reflected:

  • In the Centre College portal (Centrenet)
  • On class rosters (beginning CentreTerm 2018)
  • In news releases and announcements, though students may choose to not have information shared publicly by indicating this preference in the annual “Permission for Publicity” survey or by contacting the Office of Communications
  • On the Centre ID

Once completed, it should be submitted to Andrea Abrams, Associate Vice President for Diversity Affairs.

A small committee appointed by the president will review each request. Once approved, every effort will be made to share the changes across campus with all relevant offices in a timely fashion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Identity Change Request Form