Centre Ally Training Series (CATS)

Welcome to the Centre Ally Training Series!


The purpose of CATS is to create visible LGBTQIA+ allies for members of the Centre community, to help shape a culture of acceptance, and to make a positive statement about the equality of all people. The topics and information discussed during the training are also applicable to other identities and populations.

Beginning in August 2019, we are launching a new and expanded curriculum to meet your needs as someone allying yourself to the LGBTQIA+ communities. As this is a work-in-process, we will continue to update this website with the latest information. 

Sessions and Objectives

  • Supporting LGBTQIA+ Students
    • Develop a basic understanding of gender identity and sexuality
    • Develop a fundamental and diverse understanding of experiences in LGBTQIA+ communities
    • Build capacity for practicing interpersonal and institutional allyship/advocacy
  • Pronouns and Gender Inclusive Language
    • Develop an understanding of how to use gendered and ungendered language, specifically pronouns
    • Build capacity for practicing allyship in regards to language
    • Practice making and correcting own mistakes and others
    • Understand the importance of language in regards to the transgender and gender non-conforming communities
  • Y'all Means All
    • Develop a fundamental and diverse understanding of experiences in LGBTQIA+ communities throughout Kentucky
    • Examine the impact of local, state, and federal legislation through available data
    • Develop actionable skills to create and sustain an inclusive climate throughout the state
  • Advocacy
    • Briefly review concepts and terminology around basic LGBTQIA+ identities
    • Develop a fundamental understanding of the role of advocacy in relation to LGBTQIA+ communities
    • Develop actionable skills to create and sustain an inclusive climate on campus and broader communities
  • Gender Identities and Inclusion
    • under development
  • Intersectionalites
    • under development 

Current Opportunities

If you would like to request or organize a session, or if you are interested in attending or requesting a closed session, please email Ann Goodwin (ann.goodwin@centre.edu) for more information. 

We've recorded our Supporting LGBTQIA+ Students for you to view when you are able. We also addressed issues related to the current COVID-19 climate. 

Access the accompanying handout

To request a sticker after finishing this training, please email Ann Goodwin at ann.goodwin@centre.edu.


Postcards and Stickers 

We are working to phase out the postcards that have been used in the past. During each training, we will provide you with a physical page of resources for you to keep on hand. You can also find them below and in our resource handbook. 

After completing any of these sessions, you will be able to receive a sticker with the CATS logo and statement "I pledge to do my part" beginning in October 2019. 

Resources to Keep on Hand

CATS Resource Google Drive

  • 60+ page Resource Handbook with links to learn more
  • Pronouns! exploratory guide
  • Additional pronoun activities handout

Centre College

  • Counseling Services (Parsons Center) 859-238-5740
  • Centre Pride Alliance 
  • Office of Diversity and Inclusion
    • Intercultural Suite, 2nd Floor of Campus Center
    • Andrea Abrams, Associate Vice President for Diversity Affairs
  • Residence Life Office
    • 1st floor of Nevin Hall, 859-238-6035
  • Student Health Services (Parsons Center) 859-238-5530
  • Student Life Office
    • 2nd Floor of Campus Center, 859-238-5471

Local Resources

Other Resources

IPD Logo
IPD Logo




For more information or if you would like to become a CATS facilitator, reach out to our coordinator:

Ann Goodwin, ann.goodwin@centre.edu