Report a Threat to a Person   ("cyberstalking" or "cyberbullying") 

If you or someone else has received a threat to your safety. 

  • Open a case with the Department of Public Safety (DPS): 
  • Call the Department of Public Safety at 859-236-3457.  

You may also notify the ITS Help Desk via email or call 859-238-5575.  

  • Details to Include:  Source of the threat (email, phone call) and day/time received.  Sender email or phone number if known  


Report a potential malware on your system 

If you are aware of a potential malware infection on a Centre system: SUBMIT A TICKET  or call 859-238-5575 

  • Details to Include in your Help Desk ticket: System Name, Location, Symptom or Issue which caused you to suspect a malware infection.  


Data Exposure 

If you see sensitive Centre data on an unsecured server, common use workstation or posted publicly, or you believe you may have used an unsecure system to collect or transmit sensitive Centre data. 

SUBMIT A TICKET  or call 859-238-5575 

  • Details to Include in your Help Desk ticket:  System Name, Location, type of data and where you saw it one line. 


Report a Lost Electronic Device 

Follow these steps: 

    •  Details to Include in your Help Desk ticket:    System Name and location/time last seen.  
  • Report the loss to DPS by calling 859-236-4357
  • If you are an employee and the device is Centre-managed, notify your manager. 


Phishing Message 

Report Phishing emails directly to Proofpoint using the “Report Phish” icon in Outlook or O365 Outlook Web.  This is the best way to get the email into the evaluation system for quick resolution.  


You can also forward the email to the Help Desk. 


When we receive a suspected phishing email, we check it out to determine the risk. If it is a phishing attack, we may take any of the following steps: 

  • Removing the email from users’ mailboxes 

  • Breaking dangerous links so they don't connect to unsafe webpages 

  • Blocking malicious files from being delivered to inboxes in the future 

  • Escalating the report to our security operations team to investigate compromised systems or accounts