Technical Help

Who should you call for help if you are having a problem?


-       If you are having difficulty logging in, accessing a resource, or have a question about a resource that should be available to you – Contact ITS at

o    You can also view the online FAQ on Centernet


-       If you have questions about Moodle, how to use it, or if you are not seeing all your courses – Contact CTL at

-       If you have questions about Zoom –Contact CTL at

-       If you have questions about OneDrive files and shared documents –Contact CTL at

-       If you are having trouble accessing journals, e-books, databases, or other library resources –Contact the Library at

-       If you have questions about the course itself, when you will meet, what systems you will use during the course, etc…  – Contact the Professor for that course


-       If you are not sure who to talk to – Contact ITS and we will route the call to the appropriate person if we can’t answer it ourselves. 

What are the key systems or applications I should ensure work from my new work/study location?


1.       Ensure you have a computer which can access the internet and reach key applications (Centrenet Lauchpad).

-       Most applications we use are in the cloud and/or web enabled (Office365, Zoom, Moodle, Centrenet, Library’s Online Catalog).  These are all available through either the SSO login or with your Centre Email.

o    There could be some applications you may need to downloaded.  Instructor will provide details to those students directly. 

2.       Ensure you have connectivity to the internet. 

-       This is a bit trickier because everyone’s situation will be different.  Here are a few tips:

-       The closer you are to a router the better and a direct connection is faster than WIFI

o    If you don’t have a good connection at home check to see if any of the local providers are offering sign up deals.

o    Many providers (Comcast, Verizon, ATT) are opening their Hotspot network to public access, check your area for local businesses or offices and you might find their WIFI is free.

§  If you are concerned about security, you can use the Centre VPN (Windows, MAC) when accessing course work.  This isn’t necessary if you are using a trusted network and you will sacrifice some performance if when it is used.

o    Cell phones can be used as hotspots, but unless you have unlimited data, you should be careful with this capability and monitor your data usage closely so you do not incur a large overage charge.


3.       Your performance will vary at different times of the day.  At some point all the individual data paths converge at the carrier, during peak periods you may see performance lags.  Schedule large file downloads for non-peak hours.


4.       If your connection is struggling during synchronous connections like Zoom, ask the professor to go to an audio only to lessen the bandwidth requirements.