The Registrar’s Office staff is available to assist students, faculty, staff, and alumni with a variety of academic services, including student records, registration, transcripts and enrollment verifications, course scheduling, graduation and degree requirements, enrollment statistics, as well as general information on academic policies and procedures.

Notice of Curriculum Changes

Curriculum changes have been made in the following requirements and programs:

  • Basic Skills requirements
  • General Education requirments
  • Asian Studies minor
  • Biochemistry & Molecular Biology major
  • Biology major
  • Chemical Physics major
  • Chemistry major
  • Computer Science major and minor
  • Data Science major and minor
  • Economics and Finance major
  • International Studies major
  • Mathematics major and minor
  • Philosophy major and minor
  • Physics major and minor
  • Politics major and minor

Details are available here.


CentreTerm FYS Survey

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Survey deadline is Friday, 11/08/19, at 4:00 p.m.

Thomas Manuel

Photo of  Thomas  Manuel
Registrar Registrar
Work Wiseman Hall 120 South Maple Avenue Danville KY 40422
Work Phone: 859.238.5361

Areas of responsibility include degree audits, applications for diplomas and degrees, certification of graduates, deans’ list and other academic honors, grade statistics, course catalog and schedule database management. Serves on Commencement Committee.



Sharon Duncan

Photo of  Sharon  Duncan
Academic Records Specialist Registrar
Work Wiseman Hall 120 South Maple Avenue Danville KY 40422
Home Phone: 859.238.5360

Areas of responsibility include general office inquiries, information on academic policies and procedures, transcript orders and enrollment verifications, schedule changes and course withdrawals, address changes, and student biographical database management.



Staff Congress President


2012 — 2015

Patricia Seaman

No Photo Available
Assistant Registrar Registrar
Work Wiseman Hall 120 South Maple Avenue Danville KY 40422