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The fundamental mission of the Grace Doherty Library is to provide members of the academic community with access to resources and services that support the current and anticipated instructional, research, and service programs of Centre College.  Further, in order to promote critical thinking and life-long learning, the Library will provide instruction on the effective use of Library resources and other information sources.

Services: To provide efficient, timely and courteous service to all library users in identifying, locating, evaluating, and ethically using resources relevant to their research needs.

Collections: To select, acquire, and maintain materials in varied and appropriate formats in support of the instructional, research, and service functions of the College.

Facilities: To provide space, equipment, and technology that ensures operational efficiency, enhances collection preservation, and responds to the ever-changing needs of patrons and staff.

Personnel: To attract, retain, and develop the most qualified staff possible in order to continue to meet the goals of the Library and of Centre College.

Administration: To ensure that the mission and goals of the Library are being met and evaluated consistently and in accord with the mission of Centre College.

Campus Outreach: To promote library services and resources; maintain communication with various user groups on campus; and seek improvements in service and resources in line with the needs of the campus community.

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