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Mike Spears, Joel Klepac and Crystal McPherson- Counseling

Submitted by Ann Goodwin

My colleagues on the counseling team continue to astound me with their commitment to student well-being, their flexibility with all of this year's curve balls and extra work, their support to each other and to me (even virtually), ...

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The Sodexo Team

Submitted by Katherine M. Andrews

I was greatly impressed and humbled by the efforts and care of the Sodexo team, to provide meals for the students in quarantine and isolation. For a dozen students, I left with my SUV completely full of hot meals, bags of ...

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Matt Simpson - Athletics

Submitted by Anonymous

In the early afternoon on a Saturday, where is Matt? On a Gator, working athletics fields. If champions are made when no one is watching - the same can be said about this Hero At Work!

Andy Ryan- ITS

Submitted by Anonymous

Anyone who has worked with Andy would describe him as calm, cool, and collected. His work with the COVID Task Force, and with multiple projects to help ensure continuing high quality teaching and learning and effective reporting capa...

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Sarah Cramer- Title IX Office

Submitted by Anonymous

Words that come to mind when I hear Sarah Cramer’s name: advocate, capable, fearless. Thank you to Sarah for being a champion of problem solving and collaboration. She makes me feel more confident in myself and in all of Centre...

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