Vantage Point Literary Magazine

Vantage Point was founded in 1967 as Centre College's sole literary magazine. It is primarily for student-produced creative writing, which is then illustrated by students. In the past, there have been faculty and staff editions of the magazine. Participation is this organization generally begins by becoming a "General Reader." General Readers help review the writing that is submitted to the magazine and participate in a large meeting where pieces are either accepted or rejected. Members can become Staff members who hold a more active roll and attend meetings with the editors. The editorial structure is the following: Editor-in-Chief (also President), two Managing Editors (one of which is Vice President), Business Editor (generally Treasurer), Publicity Editor and Art Editor. Each editor is responsible for certain aspects of the magazine and generally works closely with a staff member.

Participation in the magazine is both on a management level and also through submitting creative works or illustrating an accepted piece.

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