About the Pre-Health Society

If you are a Centre student interested in a future career in any field of healthcare, the Pre-Health Society is for you! We include students who go on to pursue medicine, dentistry, nursing, physical therapy, athletic training, optometry, becoming a nurse practitioner or physician's assistant, and more. As a member of PHS you will have the opportunity to attend presentations and meetings with admissions representatives from professional health programs around the country and gain a greater understanding of the opportunities available to you offered by all health-related careers. We are also a great resource to you. The officers of PHS are dedicated to answering your questions about health-related fields and pointing in a direction where you can get more information. Lastly, we help members set themselves up with volunteer opportunities in clinics near and around Danville during the school year and all over the world in the summers. To stay updated about current news and information in the pre-health sphere, be sure to check emails and attend meetings. If you have any questions don't hesitate to email our president at skyler.palmer@centre.edu.

Shadowing Opportunities

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Get in contact with these D.O.s if you are interested in shadowing a doctor in our state!