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Computer Science Club

Our club is for:

           1. Computer Science Majors and Minors

           2. People interested in Computer science topics

           3. Anyone else who wants to get involved


Our club does:

          1. Provide advice for Majors and Minors during their academic career and beyond

                    a. Provide a network of alumni to connect with

                    b. Help choose which classes to take and in what order

                    c. Tutoring sessions as scheduled


          2. Host Events and Competitions

                    a. Help organize community activities such as Hack-A-Thon's, Family Science days, and more

                    b. Help students, who want an event, to get funding and get organized


          3. Help students pursue personal project

                    a. Help connect motivated students to other interested parties. (help make groups for projects)

                    b. Find funding and other necessities


          4. Have Fun!

                    a. Yes, we do Comp Sci. Yes, we have fun. We do exist.