What is Tabletop Wargaming?

Tabletop wargaming is a form of strategy game that uses small, plastic miniatures to represent individuals. These games can be thought of as a mix between board games and role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons. Both you and you opponent will control multiple models, representing anything from human soldiers to towering monsters and mechanical war machines. Controlling your army is done via rolling dice and measuring distances, in an attempt to outwit your opponent and control the battlefield. These games can take place in any number of settings, from fantasy to science fiction, even to historical battles that have taken place in the near or distant past. 

There is also a creative side to tabletop wargaming. The miniatures you will use in your games will typically be assembled by you, and painted by you! That means you can have a force on the table that is truly your own. This side of the hobby has just as much depth as the strategy aspect, with painters across the world competing for legendary awards like the Crystal Brush and the Golden Demon, showcasing years of talent and innovation in their models. 

If you would like to delve further into the hobby, or are just curious and would like to know more, you can contact Connor Woods via email:connor.woods@centre.edu. Any and all are welcome, from complete beginners to hardened veterans, so long as you are willing to have some fun!

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