Mission Statement

The Center for Teaching and Learning aims to be the nexus for people, projects, and initiatives that advance the art and science of effective teaching. We recognize the importance of collaboration in the pursuit of transformational learning environments and are committed to encouraging conversation, experimentation, and research that contribute to a dynamic academic community at Centre College.

To fulfill this mission, we:

Promote faculty growth and renewal during all stages of one's career.

Support the adoption and sharing of innovative and effective pedagogical studies and practices.

Encourage research and scholarly conversation related to teaching and learning practices.

Provide instructional technology support and mentorship to faculty, staff, and students in one-on-one and group settings.

Collaborate with people and programs on Centre's campus and beyond to support the advancement of teaching and learning initiatives and research.

Sarah Lashley

Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)
Crounse Hall, Lower Level
Work Phone: 859.238.6294
Work Email: sarah.lashley@centre.edu
Website: Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)

Sarah Lashley joined the faculty and staff of Centre College in 2012 as director of the Center for Teaching and Learning and assistant professor of environmental studies.

Prior to joining the Centre College community, she taught in the Environmental Studies Program and Department of Sociology at Colby College in Waterville, Maine as a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Environmental Human Rights. She has also served as an environmental education Peace Corps volunteer in northeastern Ukraine and worked as an instructional consultant for the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching at the University of Michigan.

Her primary research interests are in the areas of collaborative problem-solving, conflict management, environmental inequality, and faculty development. She is particularly interested in identifying and understanding the factors that promote and hinder collaboration. Current projects include: assessing the variations within small college and university faculty development centers, which may be masked by virtue of our institutional banners, that have the potential to influence collaboration; and, understanding how the characteristics of environmental justice conflicts have bearing on the structure, management, and functioning of collaborative processes.

At Centre, she teaches environmental conflict management, alternative dispute resolution, urban sustainability, environmental justice, and introductory sociology courses.

She earned her M.S and Ph.D. degrees in natural resources and environment from the University of Michigan, and a B.A. with honors in environmental studies from Allegheny College.

Email: sarah.lashley@centre.edu

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Kristi Burch

Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)
Crounse Hall
Work Phone: 859.238.5573
Work Email: kristi.burch@centre.edu
Website: http://ctl.centre.edu/index.html

Kristi holds a Master of Science in Educational Technology, DeVry University and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Ethics, Asbury College.

Kristi oversees the administration and application of Moodle in the academic environment. She serves as the initial point of contact for course creation, metacourses, content management, and troubleshooting. She coordinates videoconferencing requests for classroom-related events, employing the use of innovative technologies. She facilitates faculty exploration in classroom design, academic software selection and testing, and instructional technology tools. Kristi also provides training, consultation, and assistance to members of the College’s faculty.

Kristi is an animal lover through-and-through; her 2 dogs, Maya and Chloe, and her cat, Ollie, are her babies. She loves to read, watch movies, and do anything outside, including hiking, biking, camping, running, and playing with the dogs. The most exciting things for her right now are the opportunities to help others and building her own house.

Email: kristi.burch@centre.edu


Staff Congress Representative

2012 — 2015

Lisa Curlis

Photo of Lisa CurlisOFFICE MANAGER
Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)

Crounse Hall, Lower Level
610 West Walnut Street
Danville KY 40422
United States

Work Phone: 859.238.5288
Work Email: lisa.curlis@centre.edu
Website: http://ctl.centre.edu/index.html

Lisa holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Berea College, 1995.

Primary Areas of Responsibility:

Lisa is responsible for the administration of the CTL online reservation system, manages the content for VBrick (Centre’s video-on-demand system), and assists in coordinating the technology needs for special events. She is the initial point of contact for constituents of the CTL.

Outside of Centre Lisa likes to spend her time with her husband Brett, and their family and friends. Her interests include listening to all types of music, watching movies, and attending various sporting events. She is a member of the Stanford Baptist Church Adult Choir and the Lincoln County Fair Board.

Email: lisa.curlis@centre.edu

Andrew Patrick

Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL)
Work Phone: 859.238.6295

Email: andrew.patrick@centre.edu

Phone: 859-238-6295



Doctor of Philosophy in American History, University of Kentucky

Master of Arts in American History, University of Kentucky

Bachelor of Arts in History and Philosophy, Centre College 

Andrew provides pedagogical and administrative support for experiential learning initiatives and practices across campus, including community-based learning, academic internships, and undergraduate research. He is also a member of the History faculty and teaches courses that emphasize experiential learning within the discipline such as Public History and Landscape History. 

A Texan by birth, Andrew fell in love with the Bluegrass landscape during his undergraduate years at Centre. This eventually led to his doctoral research on the historical roots of the modern agricultural landscape of Central Kentucky. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys travelling, running, and playing with his rambunctious dogs, Jackson and Burley. 

Todd Sheene

Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)

Crounse Hall, Lower Level
610 West Walnut Street
Danville KY 40422
United States

Work Phone: 859.238.5290
Work Email: todd.sheene@centre.edu
Website: http://ctl.centre.edu/index.html

Todd holds a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television Production, minor in Folk Studies, from Western Kentucky University, 1992.

Todd provides planning, setup, and maintenance for campus events requiring technology. He also is in charge of video production required for special events on campus and providing support to the student media lab. He also directs student workers in the media lab and during the support of campus events.

Todd enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, biking, and exploring. Down time includes reading, films, and being nostalgic. He is an independent filmmaker with two of his close friends and loves hitting the festival circuit and entertaining audiences. His films are available for viewing at http://www.walksoftlyfilms.com.

Email: todd.sheene@centre.edu

Candace Wentz

Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)
Crounse Hall—102
Work Phone: 859.238.5750
Work Email: candace.wentz@centre.edu
Website: CTL

Candace joined the staff of Centre College in 2001 and holds a Master of Education in Career and Technology Education and a Bachelor in Art and Communications, Bowling Green State University.

Candace helps to support the college’s instructional technology environment. She works with faculty to integrate media projects into Centre courses, provides workshops for the campus community, and develops study skill opportunities for students. Candace is the initial point of contact for faculty in the use of clickers and mobile devices. She also supports the user-end and troubleshooting of the Moodle course environment. She provides support, training, consulting, and assistance to members of the College’s faculty, staff and students.

Candace previously taught the Educational Technology (EDU 226) course at Centre and has taught at Georgetown College and Bluegrass Community Technical College. Her areas of specialization include educational technology, multimedia, image editing, and to provide training and support to the Centre College faculty, students and staff.

Email: candace.wentz@centre.edu