John C. Young Scholars and Projects

2020-2021 John C. Young Scholars

Princess Allotey, Four School Terms Traversing Three Continents: A Comparative Study of the Educational Landscape in Ghana, Singapore, and the United States (Advisor, Dr. Sarah Murray).

Paula Armitage, Drawing the Mind: Scientific Illustration and the Drawings of Santiago Ramon y Cajal (Advisor, Dr. Amy Frederick). 

Anna BushongClimate Change and Local Impacts: Evaluating the Interaction between Water Temperature and Nitrate Toxicity in Freshwater Snails (Advisor, Dr. Mark Galatowitsch)

River Fuchs, GUN SHOW THIS WEEKEND! An Ethnography of Gun Shows in the Bluegrass (Advisor, Dr. Jeffrey Shenton).

Kate Himick, The American History of the House Sparrow: A Case Study for the Presence of Social Bias in Modern Invasion Biology (Advisor, Dr. Sarah Egge).

Roop PatelAmerican Political Beliefs at Cross-Cultural Cleavages: Perspectives from the Indian-American Electorate (Advisor, Dr. Chris Paskewich).

Melody RothChronicles of Suburbia: A Creative Exploration of Adolescent Isolation (Advisor, Dr. Azita Osanloo).


(Faculty mentors are listed in parentheses.)


(Faculty mentors are listed in parentheses.)

Evan Aroko, The Role of Fatherhood as It Relates to American Masculinity (Robyn Cutright)

Hannah Hooper, Ten Perspectives on Strife: A Concept Album (Nathan Link)

James Easton, Strengthening Elliptic Curve Cryptography and Preparing for Quantum Computing (John Wilson)

Jacob Potter, Falling with Style: Determining the Gliding Ability of the Enigmatic Fossil Sharovipteryx mirabilis (Amanda Falk)

Laney Taylor, Is Boyle County Ready for Universal Pre-Kindergarten? (Ellen Prusinski)

Lorna Closeil, Building Accountable Communities: Prison Abolition and Transformative Justice in the Age of Social Media Activism (Jamie Shenton)

Payton Howard, The Lancaster Chronicle: Women as Revolutionary Writers and Publishers in Colonial Pennsylvania (Tara Strauch)



Irma L. Chavez, A Qualitative Analysis of the Barriers to Family Reunification in the Foster Care System, (Kaelyn Wiles) 

Patrick Austin Dome, Development of a General Molecularly Imprinted Polymer for Opioids, (Leonard Demoranville)

Sebastian Duncan, Music and Landscape in The Lord of the Rings Movie, (Larry Bitensky) 

Olivia Murrrell, Developing a Centre College Teaching Collection of Asian Flora, (Matthew Klooster)

Trong Phung, Combating Fire with Fire in Medicine: Can We Fight Bacteria with Viruses?, (Marie Nydam) 

Kersey Reynolds, Dragons and Dragon Ladies: Medieval Archetypes in the Modern World, (Mark Rasmussen)

Veronique Similien, Pimping Out Trauma: Commodification of Suffering in Exchange for Education Access, (Shana Sippy)



• Cameron Beach, South Carolina and the Confederate Flag: The Untold Story of the Legislative Process to Permanently Remove the Flag — (Tara Strauch) 
• Vrinda Desai, Improving Forensic Analysis of Blood Spatter Through Fluid Dynamics — (Bruce Rodenborn)  
• Jessica Haralu, Gender Dynamics in Mozart/Da Ponte Operas — (Nathan Link) 
• Brendan Holly, What Do We Want? Ideological Differences in the Environmental Movement — (Kaelyn Wiles) 
• Emily McGlone, Effects of Electrotherapy on the Aggregation Pattern of Amyloid-ß: A Potential Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease — (Kerry Paumi) 
• Amaryst Parks, Engaging the Community: The Marriage Between Social Justice and Community Engagement — (Andrea Abrams)  
• Elizabeth K. Williams, Rape and Suicide in Medieval Law and Literature: The Case of Chaucer — (Mark Rasmussen)


• Valentine Banor, White Artists in Hip-Hop: Emulation, Appreciation, or Appropriation? — (Nathan Link)
• Kirsten Giesbrecht, Mathematically Modeling Splenic Artery Aneurism Formation — (Ellen Swanson)
• Michael Hart, Determination of the Inhibitory Effects of Antibodies on Amyloid-ß Aggregation in Alzheimer’s Disease — (Kerry Paumi)
• Alexandra Hibbs, Mevlevi Sufism in America: Contemporary Applications of Islamic Discourse and Spirituality — (Matthew Pierce)
• Courtney Lucas, Welcome to Pikeville: Exploring Local Color Through Literary Analysis and Creative Writing — (Azita Osanloo)
• Sadhvika Reddy, The Exoticized Woman: The Commodification of Other-ized Women in Visual Culture — (Amy Frederick)
• Genda Zhao, Ethnographic Investigation on the Manchu Ethnic Minority in the Age of Growing Urbanization in China — (Kaelyn Wiles)


• Jeanie Corbitt, Reinterpretations of the Sacred: Analyzing the Role of Religious Texts in a Muslim Community’s Radical Stance on Gender and Sexuality — (Matthew Pierce)
• J.P. Deering, Cormac McCarthy’s Southern Blood: Analyzing McCarthy’s Work in the Context of William Faulkner and Flannery O’Connor — (Stacey Peebles)
• Jillian Frost, How Do Per-Pupil Expenditures Affect Student Achievement Outcomes?: A Policy Impact Analysis — (Brett Werner)
• Chang He, The Special Economic Zones and Convergence in the People’s Republic of China— (Ravi Radhakrishnan)
• Qinpu He, Brain Computer Interface: Controlling Machines Using Minds — (Christine Shannon)
• Matthew Hughes, The History and Evolution of the Material Culture of Holy Land Pilgrims — (Phyllis Passariello)
• Mikayla Paolini, Justice for Single Mothers: Applying an Interdisciplinary Framework to Cases of Child Maltreatment — (Stephen Dove, Eva Cadavid)
• Olivia B. Weber, Quilting a Story: An Exploration of the Combined History of Traditional Quilt Making and the Methodist Faith in Appalachia — (Jay Bloom)


Journal Papers (PDF)
• Justin Allard, Deconstructing Borders: Merging Mexican and Kentuckian Cultural Narratives through Fabulism — (Christian Moody)
• Camile Baylis, War Tourism and the Reconstruction of Identity in the Channel Islands — (Phyllis Passariello)
• Zachary Brown, Influence of Jaw Muscle Growth on Neuronal Development in Spadefoot Tadpole — (Steve Asmus)
• Nathaniel Deaton, The Village Unearthed: New Perspectives of the Roman Economy and the Man from Nazareth — (Tom McCollough)
• Victoria DiMartile, An Anthropological Analysis of Identity Construction through Performance Poetry — (Andrea Abrams & Lisa Williams)
• Emily Madden, Design, Synthesis, and Screening of Potential Alzheimer’s Disease Therapeutics — (Kerry Paumi)
• Claire Phillips, Blaming the Victim: Rape Culture and the Sexualization of Rape — (Beau Weston)


Journal Papers (PDF)
• Tony Huffman, A Tale of Two Districts: A Comparative Analysis of the Highest and Lowest Performing Public School Districts in Eastern Kentucky — (Sarah Murray and J.H. Atkins)

• Danika Isdahl, The Gothic Tales of Louisville: Writing the Stories of Louisville in the Gothic Genre — (Christian Moody)

• Warren McKnight, Phenomenology and the Self-Attribution of Gender — (Eva Cadavid)

• Stephen Metcalfe, On the Search for Meaning: An Analysis of Major Themes in Spiritual Memoirs and Autobiographies — (Lee Jefferson)

• Bailey Nelson, Conservation Genetics of Eastern Pterospera — (Matthew Klooster)

• Olivia Palmer, Crafting the Self: A Dramaturgical Analysis of Identity Performance on Facebook — (Patrick Kagan-Moore)


• Ben Boone, MurA: Production, Purification, and Characterization of Antibiotic Potential(PDF) — (January Haile)

• Haley Crigger, Throw Away the Book: A Psychological Survey of Life and Literature through Poetry (PDF) — (Lisa Williams)

• Kaitlyn Elizabeth Lee, An Analysis of Regional Dialects: Owensboro, KY and Evansville, IN(PDF) — (Phyllis Bellver)

• Nathan Likert, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell: The Oxymoron in Romantic Literature — (John Kinkade)

• Cara Monical, Computer Science Genetic Coloring of Dynamic Graphs (PDF) — (Forrest Stonedahl)

• Natalie Orms, A Computational and Synthetic Investigation of Potential Inhibitors of the MurA Enzyme (PDF)
— (Jennifer Muzyka)
• Kate Wintuska, An Evaluation of the Administration of Non-Educational Services in Kentucky Schools (PDF) — (Sarah Murray)


Journal Papers (PDF)

• Kara Beer, Exploring Qualitative Ethnography: Student Narratives of Study Abroad Experiences — (Phyllis Passariello)

• Trish Bredar, The Female Protagonist and the Journey Motif in the Early Novel — (Helen Emmitt and John Kinkade)

• James Kalb, Philip K. Dick’s Journey from Perceptual Skepticism to Theological Uncertainty— (Dan Manheim and Nathan Link)

• Brian Klosterboer, ‘Difficult to Repair’: Applying African Models for Transitional Justice to Peace and Restoration Prospects in the Congo-DR — (Lori Hartmann-Mahmud)

• Kelsey Lownds, If You’re Happy and You Know It: Understanding the Relationship Between Music Production and Emotion in 3rd-5th Graders — (Larry Bitensky and Mykol Hamilton)

• Evis Muhameti, In-Depth Interviews with Juvenile Offenders Participating in At-Risk Youth Program — (Sarah Goodrum)


• Benjamin Thomas Cocanougher, Developmental Origin and Function of Tyrosine Hydroxylase-Producing Interneurons in the Human Cerebral Cortex — (Steve Asmus)

• Emily Jordan Gregory, Parent-Offspring Kin Recognition in Japanese Quail: The Role of Parental Care — (Melissa Burns-Cusato)

• Maria Elizabeth Kennedy, The Winning Plan and the Iron-Jawed Angels — (Brianna Leavitt-Alcantara)

• Morgan Perryman Lynn, Best Methods: Assessing the Impact of Microfinance Projects and Programs — (Lori Hartmann-Mahmud)

• Elisabeth Louise Randall, Perhaps in Lesbos’: Lesbian Identity and Novelistic Production in Inter-War France and England — (Helen Emmitt)

• Rachel Elizabeth Skaggs, Livin’ the Dream: Nashville Songwriter Culture in Film — (Beau Weston)

• Samuel Ryan Yates, From Page to Stage: Adapting Chuck Palahniuk’s ‘Haunted’ — (Patrick Kagan-Moore)


• Zach Bechtel, Evaluation of Nest Bond in Ring Neck Dove through Conditional Place Preference Using Hormonal Injection — (Melissa Burns-Cusato)

• Victoria Christine Crowell, An den Mann Bringen: The Construction of an Ideal Nazi Masculinity — (Steve Beaudoin)

• Evan Kutzler, Tennessee Prepares for Defeat: Governor Harris, Mobilization and the Collapse of Tennessee — (Rick Bradshaw)

• Joseph Glenn McGill, Music as Narrative Voice in Lost — (Nathan Link)

• Bethany Neal, ‘Quarrelsome, Rowdy, Drunken, Brawling, Chicken-Stealing Papists’: 19th Century Irish Immigration and the Rejection of the Irish-American Identity — (Clarence Wyatt)

• Morgan Smith, From al-Quran to Al-Gebra — (Tom McCollough)

• Sami Jiryis Sweis, Dismantling the Tent: British Colonialism and the Tribes of Transjordan, 1920-1946 — (Mike Hamm)


• Sarah Baird, Appalachian Folk Medicine from Mineshaft to Mountaintop — (Phyllis Passariello)

• Dan Burkey, MultiMedea: Retelling an Ancient Story in Digital Film — (Patrick Kagan-Moore)

• Talha Ijaz, Characterization of Tyrosine Hydroxylase Interneurons in the Developing Cerebral Cortex of Rats — (Steve Asmus)

• Jillian Kenyon, Women and Offender Re-entry Programs — (Sarah Goodrum)

• Molly Lindle, Elucidation of the Role of Atmospheric Particulates in the Chemistry of Volcanic Gases — (Keith Dunn)

• Virginia Reynolds, Unraveling the Fabric of Fortune: Textiles in Virginia during the American Civil War, 1861-1865 — (Clarence Wyatt)

• Qianyu Yang, An Empirical Analysis of the Chinese Housing Market — (Dave Anderson)


• Kerri Howard, Here and There: The Interaction of Class and Acculturative Processes in Central Kentucky Hispanic Immigrants — (Beau Weston)

• Anne Maggard, The Things that Remain: A Poetic Triptych of Art, Nature, and Culture — (Lisa Williams)

• Joshua Qualls, Plasma Particle Accelerators: A Study on the Progress of Plasma and Laser Wakefield Accelerators — (Andre Wehner)

• Will Rall, Blood and the Book: The German Christians’ Attack on the Old Testament — (David Hall)

• Mandy Smith, Persistence Barcodes and Learning Algorithms for Digits — (Anne Collins)

• Candice Steiner, Taking the Hula to Heart: A Study of Hawaiian Music in Light of the Western World — (Larry Bitensky and Nathan Link)


• Miles Barger, The History and Mystery of Contemporary Electronic Music — (Larry Bitensky)

• Ben Durham, Choral Music in Kentucky’s Public High Schools — (Barbara Hall)

• Mary C. Morgan, Bali: The Anthropology of the Exotic and the Exotification of Anthropology— (Gareth Barkin)

• Brandon Stephenson, Ideals of Kingship in Fifteenth-Century England: Political Reality and Literary Invention — (Mark Rasmussen and Amos Tubb)

• Joseph C. Yeager, A Spectroscopic Study of Carbon Monoxide on a Thin-film Salt Surface — (Keith Dunn)


• Mark Ball, Investigation into the Mechanism of Neurotransmitter Selection in the Developing Rat Cerebral Cortex — (Steve Asmus)

• Jeff Briggs, The Science and Economics of Nuclear Fusion — (Dave Anderson and Andre Wehner)

• Nathan French, A Look into Terror: The Evolution and Application of Al-Qaeda’s Jihad — (David Hall)

• Kristie Kachler, Orange Peel in Snow — (Lisa Williams)

• Matt Steinfeld, Cologne, Stockings, and Ice Cream: Consumerism and the Soviet Union — (Mike Hamm)

• Ellen Wisner, An Examination of the Hybrid Zone Between the Crayfish Species Orconectes Juvenilis and Orconectes Cristavarius — (Rob Ziemba)


• Jared A. Outright, The Potential for Long-Te[m Peace and Stability in the Taiwan Strait — (Mike Hamm)

• Ashley Kingsolver, Thomas Jefferson: An American Heretic — (David Hall)

• Robert P. Murray, Post-War Kentucky: Civil War and Vietnam — (Larry Matheny)

• Jamie Ray, Zionist Discursive Practices — (Nayef Samhat)

• Ryan Steed, Changes in Neurotransmitter Expression during Rat Brain Development — (Steve Asmus)

• Karen Wicke, Irish Traditional Music and Socio-Political Consciousness — (Larry Bitensky)

• Jenn Wolford, Virginia Woolf: A Shift from Androgyny to Anonymity in the Artist Figure — (Helen Emmitt)


• Lauren Crosby, Neoliberalism, the IMF, and Cameroon — (Rick Bradshaw)

• Sarah Hermann, Portrayals of Childhood in Northern Irish Poetry — (Helen Emmitt)

• Zach Hoy, Oxidative Destruction of Phthalate Esters — (Joe Workman)

• Meghan Langley, Land Use and Water Quality in the Kentucky River Drainage Basin — (Endre Nyerges and Rob Ziemba)

• Angela Ratliff, Successes and Failures of Mexican Development: A Case Study of Yucatan — (Lori Hartmann-Mahmud)

• Sherri Rose, Translation of Voleur des Guirlandes — (Ken Keffer)


• Eva Bookjans, Saturated Laser Spectroscopy — (Marshall Wilt)

• Susan Courtwright, Written in Stone? The Impact of Sharia Law on the Rights of Women in Nigeria — (Lori Hartmann-Mahmud)

• Katherine Fegley, Stable Democratic Reform in Kuwait — (Nayef Samhat)

• Neil Parrish, Sir Gareth of Orkney: The Key to Arthur’s Kingdom — (Mark Rasmussen)

• Brandi Stearns, Transcendental Convergences: Emerson’s Influence Upon Whitman — (Mark Lucas)


• Michael Dennis, Effects of Species Interactions on Reproductive Behavior and Success — (Chris Barton)

• Kent Barnett, The Sincerest Form of Flattery: The Historic, Philosophic, Social, and Market Implications of Major 20th-Century Art Forgeries — (Bill Levin)

• Matt Wilson, Paragon or Monster: Images of Powerful Women in Ancient Rome — (Jane Joyce)

• Stephanie Rednour, An Applied Simulation of Quantum Cryptography and an Examination of a Component of a Quantum Cryptography Apparatus — (Marshall Wilt and Phil Lockett)

• Les Fugate, Centre of Attention: An Economic Impact Study of the 2000 U.S. Vice Presidential Debate at Centre College — (David Anderson)

• Thomas Hobbs, Late Roman and Byzantine Galilee: From Archaeology to Social Arrangement— (Tom McCollough)

• Kate Lacy, A Critical Edition of Grace Norton’s Letters to Lucy Paton (1905-1925) — (Ken Keffer)

• Erin Slinker, Last Stand of the Lacandones: The Changing Face of a Culture — (Phyllis Passariello)

• Steve Anderson, Natural Language Abstraction of Computer Functionality — (Christine Shannon)

• Tony Hokayem — Subsidies, Stadiums, and Sports: The True Connection — (Bob Martin)


• Colleen Susan Harris, International Order and Deviant States: Reconciliation through Ideological Discipline and Avenues for Challenge — (Nayef Samhat)

• Cary Lee Hearn, The U.S. Embargo of Tourism to Cuba: Consequences and Future Possibilities — (Robert Brownlee)

• Joseph Hill, Dendrimers as Carriers for Anti-Cancer Drugs — (Joe Workman)

• Clifford R. Jenks, Experimental Games with Children — (Robert Martin)

• Lucas V. Mentzer, Mapping the Villages of Sepphoris — (Tom McCollough)

• Juliana E. Meyer, The Responses of Barbados Green Monkeys to Models of African Predators— (Brent White)

• Carrie Morgan, Pathogenicity on Soybeans and Pectin-Degrading Enzyme Activity in Fusarium Solani — (Peggy Richey)

• Jeremy Reed, Genetic Algorithms and the Stock Market — (David Binger)

• Brandi Rollins, Comparative Analysis of Women’s Prisons in Ecuador and the United States— (Phyllis Passariello)

• Kevin Wood, Transient Expression of Catecolamines During Development — (Steve Asmus)