About the Group


Computer Science Club


Our club is for:

                     1. Computer Science Majors and Minors

                     2. People interested in Computer science topics

                     3. Anyone else who wants to get involved


Reasons to contact:

                     1. You have an event you would like help planning

                     2. You have a project you want to start and need advice or funding

                     3. You have an idea to better the group


 People to contact:

                    President: Sam Holt

                                 email: samuel.holt@centre.edu 

                    Vice-President: Morgan Hites

                                 email: morgan.hites@centre.edu

                    Treasurer: Jenna Graves

                                 email: jenna.graves@centre.edu

                    Event Planner: Tori Daniel

                               email: tori.daniel@centre.edu

                    Communications Officer: Ian Canupp

                               email: ian.canupp@centre.edu