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The Title IX team’s mission is to lead the College’s collective commitment to eliminate sex based inequity, misconduct, or violence and to provide effective means to resolve known instances. The Title IX team coordinates, monitors, and tracks campus-wide efforts through policy, prevention, and intentional programming in pursuit of its goals. The Title IX team attempts to discern the needs of students, faculty, and staff by engaging with national experts, utilizing data, and incorporating best practices with the intention to support the entire College community.

The team has set goals for the 2018-2019 academic year using the Framework for Comprehensive Prevention which it adopted last academic year.

Generally speaking, the Title IX Team will strive to help expand campus-wide buy-in by students, staff, and faculty, demonstrating visible commitment and meaningful investment in effective prevention initiatives. We will expand and improve the College’s strategic, collaborative, and research-informed translation of resources into effective policies and programs. We will uphold our values and expectations of the College community, and continuously assess our system of accountability to uphold and enforce those values and expectations. We will continue to invest in intentional development, multi-modal design, and targeted delivery of prevention programs and messages that will maximize their impact. And, we will encourage and facilitate the efforts of students to promote their own culture change from within.

Most recently, the team shared a detailed status of its progress as of February 4th, 2019 that may be viewed below.

Title IX Team Goals 2018-2019(PDF)

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