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As part of Centre’s commitment to campus well-being, The Sexual Misconduct Policy was created and is intended to send a clear and unmistakable statement against sexual misconduct of any kind. The policy incorporates specific definitions of sexual misconduct behavior that includes sexual harassment, violence, exploitation, stalking, bullying, retaliation, and cyber-related misconduct. It was revised and updated Summer 2017 after input from students. It will be reviewed every summer by the Title IX coordinator. Thank you for your input.


Some updates include:

--Clarifying the definitions of offenses, parties, and processes, as well as providing more examples so students and others can better understand what is prohibited or covered.   

--Changing language from “complainant and respondent” to “reporting party and responding party” 

--Clarifying who is a "responsible employee" and must report incidents of sexual misconduct and who can receive a confidential report;

 --Adding language about resources available to students studying abroad or off campus;

 --Changing pronouns to reflect non-binary categories (i.e., variations of he/she/they);

 --Clarifying the process of investigating a complaint;

 --Clarifying the process of working with the responding party and providing information to that party;

--Including the listing of available sanctions for sexual misconduct; and

--Providing for an online reporting mechanism.

(.pdf, 186K)

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