What is a Green Dot?

Green Dot is The College's bystander intervention program to aid students, staff, and faculty in our efforts to keep our campus safe. You can sign up to be certified in Green Dot and attend a 4-6 hour retreat or attend an 1 hour overview session to become familiar with the program's approach. For more information about upcoming dates or to request a session for your organization contact Ben Nelson at

A Green Dot is any behavior, choice, word, or attitude that promotes safety for everyone and communications utter intolerance for interpersonal violence, dating or domestic violence, and stalking. A green dot is intervening in a high risk situation - a green dot is talking to your friends about how you feel about violence - a green dot is hanging up a prevention poster - a green dot is putting a green dot statement on your social networking page - a green dot is wearing your green dot gear - a green dot is putting a link on your website to your local prevention program - a green dot is organizing a training for your organization.

A green dot is simply your individual choice to make your community safer.