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Kristi Burch- CTL

Submitted by Anonymous

Throughout this past Covid/pandemic year, Kristi has been consistently helpful and patient, always with a sense of humor. She is incredibly easy to work with and is very accessible. She is completely student centered and will do what...

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Meredith Bruner- Human Resources

Submitted by Anonymous

Meredith has always been a model of patience, dependability, and competence in helping faculty and staff navigate benefits and resources. She has gone beyond her job description to provide resources for faculty and staff during the p...

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Jazmine Wilson- Library

Submitted by Anonymous

Jazmine is extremely kind, efficient, and responsive. She is a very effective employee and should be commended.

The Registrar's Office

Submitted by Anonymous

Thomas Manuel and Sharon Duncan have been working 7 days a week to help every student enroll in the classes they need and to make sure that the graduating seniors are on track. Their positive attitude has made a big difference.

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Sharon Duncan- The Registrar’s Office

Submitted by Anonymous

An issue came up with my schedule and I was so worried about still being able to fit in all the classes I needed to stay on track to graduate. Ms. Duncan was very patient and helped make sure that I could still take classes that work...

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