Change Password


You have some options on how to change your password depending on your system and where you connected to the internet.

Option 1: You can go directly to the SSO system from a web browser on your Centre computer or personal computer/mobile device. 

     Step 1:  Use this link to log into the SSO system (Note: This link will open in another tab where you can complete the login process as normal). 

     Step 2: Select the change password link at the top of the page.   

Option 2: If you are logged into a Centre College PC and are on campus simply press CTRL ALT DEL on your keyboard and choose “Change Password” – enter your old password then enter and confirm your new password.

Option 3: If you are logged into a Centre College Mac and are on campus go to System Preferences >> Users and Groups >> choose your account name >> click Change Password then enter and confirm your new password.

Option 4:  If you are on a Centre College PC or Mac but are off campus you will first need to connect to VPN and then follow the steps in option 1 or 2 above - for instructions on installing and connecting to VPN, visit our knowledge base articles:

VPN Setup for Mac:  


Forgotten Password

If you do not remember your password please use the following steps to reset it:


Account Recovery Profile


Centre College’s Single Sign-On (SSO) service provides a one-stop location for password management, password reset and Multi-Factor authentication.  This service provides multiple security features:


  • It will be used to establish your initial account.  After you validate who you are, you will be able to set up a password that is only you know.
  • You will be asked to set up security questions and provide an alternate email and telephone number so you can manage changes to your password.
  • These notifications will allow you to reset the password if you don’t remember it but will also provide a means for the system to let you know if there are any changes to your password.  


This link will take you to the screens where you can set up your account.

If you have any questions as you go through this process, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 5575 or email