Participating in a 2024 Centre-Term Abroad Program

Students should apply directly to the faculty directors by February 16, 2023

Students then have until 29 March 2023 to make a non-refundable $500 deposit to hold their place—this deposit is due in the Cashier’s Office (inside Horky House)

Students will make a total of four payments for a Centre-Term abroad course. The total cost will be divided into thirds, with $500 of the first third being due as the deposit on 29 March 2023. The remainder of the first third will be due by 2 May 2023. The second third will be due on 15 September 2023; the third and final payment will be due on 14 November 2023. (For example, if the total cost of your course is $3000, the students will pay $500 by 29 March, $500 on 2 May, $1000 on 15 September, and the final $1000 on 14 November). Costs include airfare, lodging, entrance to all museums, excursions, local transportation and two meals per day (unless otherwise noted by the faculty director) unless otherwise stated.

Deposits and payments can be made by check or cash to the Cashier's Office. There is a fee of 2.75% for credit/debit cards (bank charge). We are not able to accept online payments for off-campus programs at this time.

*The dean will look at the number of students who’ve made the first one-third payment for each course on May 5; she will then approve courses that have enough students participating.
NOTE: If you are going on an abroad/away Centre Term you may need to store your belongings at Centre while you are away and move into a different residence hall when you return for spring term but you are not to be on campus  between the end of the Fall semester  and the start of Centre Term. 

CentreTerm 2024 Abroad Courses

 Belize: Caribbean Ecology-Biology-tropical field ecology: BIO372 

Dr. Mark Galatowitsch

This course will provide students with an introduction to tropical ecology and they will gain practical expertise with developing field research projects. Our course will focus on the two major Caribbean ecosystems, marine and tropical forest environments. We will explore links between terrestrial and marine ecosystems by canoeing a portion of a freshwater river. Along with covering important ecological processes and learning about local biodiversity, students will connect these concepts to Belize’s rich Mayan past and modern conservation challenges. This course will involve strenuous hiking and frequent snorkeling. Moderate physical fitness and the ability to swim will therefore be required to participate in this course. This course is open to any student who has taken BIO110 or receives permission from the instructor.


Cost: $4500

A $500 deposit is due on March 29, 2023.  

If you are interested in applying for this course, please be in direct contact with the faculty director named above by Feb 16 2023.


Bhutan: Happiness in the Land of Enlightenment PSY3XXX/IST3XXX

Happiness in the Land of Enlightenment



East Africa: Religion and Revolutionary Histories in Eastern Africa HIS433

East Africa: Religion and Revolutionary Histories in Eastern Africa 

Dr. Dr. Jon Earle (

This study abroad explores the histories and contested legacies of three global revolutions in eastern African history. It begins in the precolonial kingdom of Buganda (Uganda), whose ancient monarchy underwent a late nineteenth-century revolution that changed the course of global history—from the career of Winston Churchill and Theodore Roosevelt to the end of Indian Ocean slavery. We then turn to the Hutu Revolution and the Rwandan genocide, which resulted in the death of one million central Africans in 100 days. Finally, we will relocate to Zanzibar, where a movement in 1964 sought to upend the influence of hundreds of years of racialized violence and forced labor. In addition to studying eastern African histories closely, this abroad will enable you to study local languages, experience cultural immersion, and conduct original research.

Cost: $4100

Includes: Flights, ground transportation, 2 meals/day, accommodations, and activities.

A $500 deposit is due on March 29, 2023

Apply directly to the director, applications due by Feb 16, 2023


Turkey: Istanbul Bishops and Sultans REL4XX/HISXX 

Turkey: Istanbul Bishops and Sultans 

Drs. Matthew Pierce ( & Dr. Sami Sweis ( 

This course will provide the students with a survey of the modern Middle East by looking specifically at the ways in which religion and politics have been inextricably linked through the last two millennium. And in turn, the course will explore the deep historical and cultural connections between global religions (especially Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) and modern geographies (especially Europe and Asia). This course aims to help students better understand the historical and cultural influences that Jewish, Christian, and Muslim communities have had on each other. In so doing, the course will give the students a better sense of the ways in which religion and politics have been entwined within Christian and Muslim traditions in the Middle East. The course will facilitate an appreciation of the degree to which Christian and Muslim historical claims continue to animate public society in the Middle East today.

Cost: $4250

A $500 deposit is due on Mar 29 2023

Apply directly to the director, applications due by Feb 16, 2023


Italy: Italy in War HIS, ARH, and CLA 3XX 

Italy in War

Dr.Danielle LaLonde (   Dr. Amy Frederick (, Dr. Sara Egge (


For centuries, Italy has played an integral role in major wars from Greek and Roman battles to city-state rivalries to twentieth-century world wars. Students will travel through the Italian landscape, visiting remarkable sites along the coasts as well as key interior cities, to discover how war played a dramatic role in Italian history and culture. Over three periods–the Greek and Roman era, Renaissance era, and Fascist era–people debated, sometimes violently, questions about power, status, citizenship, and statehood. The course will include visits to Sicily, Naples, Salerno, Rome, and Florence to explore how war shaped a people and a place. Our classroom will be the piazzas, churches, cafes, train stations, museums, and the streets of Italy. Key sites include southern Sicily and Salerno, site of Allied landings in World War II, as well as Pompeii, the Colosseum, and the Vatican.

Download the flyer here.





Cost: $4200
Includes: Flight, transportation, visits, 2 meals/day, accommodations, classes, and activities.

A $500 deposit is due on March 29, 2023

Apply directly to the director, applications due by Feb 16, 2023


London: The Crown: Past, Present, and Future HUM2XX 

London: The Crown: Past, Present, and Future 

Dr. Mark Rasmussen ( & Dr. John Kinkade ( 

The Crown: Past, Present, and Future A study of the English monarchy from its medieval origins to the present, and a consideration of its future in a post-colonial world. Visits to Stonehenge, Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, Canterbury Cathedral, Windsor Palace, and the Houses of Parliament, as well as the British Museum, the National Portrait Gallery, and the Victoria and Albert Museum, with small group excursions to local neighborhoods to find out what the residents think.

Cost: $4000
Includes: Flight, full access to all events, and 2 meals/day.

If you are interested in applying for this course, please be in direct contact with the faculty directors named above.


Spain: Spanish Culture Abroad SPA261

Spain: Spanish Culture Abroad

Dr. Alicia Juncos (Alicia.juncos 

This course offers a journey through the most important moments in Spanish history: the Roman conquest, the Germanic invasions, the Muslim presence in the Peninsula, and the Reconquista, among others. In our course we will visit the cities of Toledo, Cordoba, Granada, Sevilla, and Madrid, recognized as the major sites with an intricate and unique heritage. We will begin the course in the city of Toledo. This strategic location presents archeological sites both from the Roman and Muslim periods. In Toledo, we will discuss and explore significantly related sites and topics related to pre-Muslim history in the peninsula – the fall of the Roman empire, Visigoth Spain, and the Muslim conquest—. After visiting the city, we will travel to Cordoba, the capital of the independent emirate of Al-Andalus and home to several architectonic gems such as La Mezquita. We will proceed to Sevilla and end our course in Granada, where we will visit El Albaicín, and La Alhambra considered the jewel of the Nasrid Kingdom. Before we embark on a return journey to the United States, we wilvisit Madrid and the Paseo del Arte. Students will have the chance of exploring art masterpieces from the Spanish, Italian and Flemish schools, including Velázquez’s Las Meninas and Goya.


Cost: $4200: The cost includes 2 meals per day, accommodations, and flights.
If you are interested in applying for this course, please be in direct contact with the faculty directors named above. 


Spain: Sound and Space MUS 2xx/MUS 3xx

Spain: Sound and Space


In this performance-based course, students will investigate and perform the various dimensions of sound and space through a choral lense. We will visit and perform in sites of architectural renown (and value) in Madrid, Bilbao, Zaragoza, Besalu and Barcelona. These sites include the Prado museum, Guggenheim and the Sagrada Familia. We will look at ways in which composers have innovated alongside performing spaces and create form and space within their compositions through texture, harmony, dynamics, and form. This is a performance-based course. Students will learn, memorize and perform choral music reflecting the dimensions of sounds and space of our venues and of the creative processes of the composers. They will investigate and explore the contexts of renowned composers, visual artists and architects and draw connections between these forms and the music performed.



Senagal and The Gambia: Global Environmental Health & Development in Senagal and The Gambia

Global Environmental Health & Development in Senagal and The Gambia

Dr. Jean Faye ( 

This interdisciplinary course examines the human-environment-disease interactions in both Senegal and The Gambia. We will explore the two countries’ public health facilities and development models. This course will introduce students to global health issues, exploring emerging and re-emerging diseases in Senegambia, along with other international environmental health topics such as air quality, water quality, food security, and climate change. The course focuses on diseases such as Cholera, Tuberculosis, Dengue fever, and Malaria among others that have decimated many lives in the West African region, and emphasizes the potential interventions related to public health.


Cost: $4200
Includes:  Two meals a day, flights, transportation, accommodation,and activities.
If you are interested in applying for this course, please be in direct contact with the faculty director named above. 


Lake Tahoe: The Outdoors: Theory and Practice of the Natural World. Gen ED: Sustainability 

The Outdoors: Theory and Practice of the Natural World. Gen ED: Sustainability 

Dr. David Williams  (Dr. Brett Werner will help with assist) (

The goal of this course is to provide students both the experiential and theoretical resources to answer the question, "What is nature?" Answering this question is fundamental to creating students whose future must include stewardship of the planet.

Trips include backpacking in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Death Valley camping trip and Multi-day trip to the California Coast.

Cost: $3500

Includes: flight, transportation, visits, 2 meals/day , accommodation and activities. 


If you are interested in applying for this course, please be in direct contact with the faculty director named above. 


Merida Internships (Mexico)

Merida Internships (Mexico)  

Students with advanced proficiency in the Spanish language are eligible to live and work in Merida for 3-4 weeks in January. It is a great opportunity to professionalize one's Spanish language abilities, to prepare for a career, and to embed yourself in the local community.

Cost: $1000 (does not include airfare) also  students applying to intern in a medical internship will have to pay an additional $100 fee to cover the application proccess.

Includes:  Homestaty with 3 meals a day for 7 days a week. 

If you are interested in this course please contact Dr. Genny Ballard and/or Mrs. Karen Ryan ( ) apply by Feb 16 2023



France Dr. Jeff Fieberg Molecular Modernism: Manet to Matisse

Course: DLM 310, ARH 264 or CHE 264: Molecular Modernism: Manet to Matisse

Course description: This travel course will focus on the development of French painting from the 1860’s to the 1920’s, from Realism to Impressionism, Neo-Impressionism, Fauvism, Cubism, Expressionism and Surrealism. Spending time in and around Paris and then in Provence, we will study in three types of locations – art museums, conservation labs, and actual painting sites of these important artists. The role of science and technology in this development (including synthesis of new materials and how color theory informed painting) will be discussed. Scientific topics include light and its interaction with matter, color mixing, chemical and physical causes of color, and the biology of vision; these topics are discussed to gain a deeper understanding of paintings. Analytical techniques used in conservation science and forgery investigations will be discussed. cost $4100





Sardinia, Italy  Dr. Marc Demont Traditions, Nature, Modernity 

Course: Discovery of the Sardinian Island (Italy):  Traditions, Nature, Modernity 


Sardinia is the second biggest island of the Mediterranean Sea. Famous for its turquoise waters, its capital, Cagliari, is also the most antique city of Italy. In this Centre Term, we will explore the complex history and rich traditions of the island, the many facets of its environment, and its current developments and challenges. The study abroad will include outdoor activities and a weekend in Rome.  Cost $4200