College Council 




October 15

February 18

May 6


Meeting Time: 

11:20 am 




Council Structure

Although Centre is legally governed by a self-perpetuating Board of Trustees, its academic and community life is governed in large degree by the faculty and students. The primary body in campus governance is the College Council. Membership is determined as follows:

2020-2021 College Council Representatives

Fifteen full-time members of the faculty, three elected from each division by the faculty of each respective division, and six elected at-large represent the faculty on the College Council.
They will be elected for a three-year term. One-third of the representatives will be elected each year. Members may be re-elected. To be eligible for election, a faculty member must be self-nominated or be nominated by another member of the faculty.
• The President of the College, the Dean of the College, the Dean of Students, the Vice President for Enrollment and Student Planning Services, the Athletic Director, and the President of the Faculty. The President of the College, as chair of the Council, shall be an ex officio member of every Council committee.
• The President and Speaker of the House of the Student Government Association.
• Eight students elected by the Student Government Association.
• Eight members of the staff, elected by the Staff Congress.
• The President of Staff Congress.
• Chairs of Standing Committees of the Council.
• The Registrar shall be an ex officio, non-voting member of the Council and serve as its Secretary.

Divisional Representatives

Division I

Isabella La Rocca (1), Megs Gendreau (2), Stephanie Galli (3)


Division II

Shana Sippy (1), Brian Rogers (2), Mauricio Castro (3)


Division III

Daniel Scott (1), Prayat Poudel (2), Joseph Styga (3)


Faculty At-Large

Kiyona Brewster (1), Jennifer Goff (1), Jean Faye (2), Christina Garcia (2), Lucas Hoots (3), Marc Demont (3)



Eight students selected by the Student Government Association,
 the Student Government President, and Speaker of the House:


•  Cole Newton
•  Carolyn Carter
•  Cesar Romero
•  Dean Cochran
•  Emily Doyle 
•  Katie Nipper
•  Lane Cannon 
•  Sarah Ali
•  Stephanie Bamfo
•  Taylor Hord



Eight members of the staff elected by the Staff Congress:


• Pam Baughman
• Cheryl Burton
• Clay Contini
• Marsha Crowe
• Sherri Gowins
• Ben Nelson
• Russ Strunk
• Alycia Tidrick

Standing Committee Appointments

Athletics & Recreation:

Mark Lucas (chair), Andrew Arnold, Jennifer Broadwater, Dean Brownley, Drew Briese,  Brad Fields (ex officio), Mary Katherine Hardy, Jeff Heath (ex officio), Tabitha Key, MacKenzie Nichols, Gina Nicoletti-Bellinger, Ian Pace, Kyle Piercy, Prayat Poudel, Jacky Seaver, Clay Taylor, Erin Wachter



Lisa Curlis (co-chair) (ex officio)/Stephanie Dew (co-chair), Molly Baker, James Fleshman, Dave Frey, Peter Haffner, Steve Hoffman, Jack Layden, Sarah Matthews, Yvonne Morley (ex officio), Mark Rasmussen (fall), Austin Shotwell, Shana Sippy, Mackenzie Snow, Sheldon Tapley, Alycia Tidrick, Beau Weston 


Diversity and Community Committee:

Andrea Abrams (chair) (ex officio), Kathe Andrews, Kristi Burch, Cheryl Burton, Carter Conley, Cody Cook, Marc Demont, Remona Edenfield, Jamey Gay, Anukriti Kunwar, Nathan Link, Adriana Martin,  Pearl Morttey, Ashley Oliver (ex officio), Jami Powell, Joseph Styga, Lisa Williams


Enrollment Management:

Elizabeth Graves (chair), Pam Baughman, Kathleen Blim, Drew Briese, Will Dyekman, Lucas Hoots, Ann Goodwin, Sherri Gowins, Mary Gulley, Kirk Knott, David Jones, Kevin Lamb, Jessica Leonard,  Bob Nesmith (ex officio), Endre Nyerges, Kerry Paumi, Rob Seebacher


Honors and Prizes:

Robert Schalkoff(chair), Larry Bitensky, Stephanie Dew, Nicole Frey, Diane Johnson,  Phil Lockett, Bryana Miracle, Rahim Mohamed, Ben Nelson, Ellen Prusinski (spring), John Roach, Karen Ryan, Candace Wentz, Philip White (spring), Joe Workman


Human Resources:

John Perry (chair), Meredith Bruner, Amy Connell, Marsha Crowe,  Kay Drake (ex officio), Jessica Durham, Marsha Edelen, Crystal Ellis, Ellen Goldey (ex officio), Brian Hutzley (ex officio), Steven Lownds, Patten Mahler, Megan Milby, Asia Peach, Shane Wilson


Planning & Priorities:

Brian Hutzley (ex-officio)(chair), Andrea Abrams, Joy Asher, Brian Cusato, David Dewitt, Kendrick Durham, Helen Emmitt, Jeff Fieberg (ex officio),  Ellen Goldey (ex officio), David Hall, Matthew Hallock (spring), Judith Pointer Keiser (ex officio), Kevin Lamb, Michael Lavin, Aly Lilley, Luke Martin, Megan Milby,  Andrew Patrick, Matthew Pierce (spring), Lauren Skidmore, Michael Strysick, Russ Strunk (ex officio), Amos Tubb (ex officio),  John Wilson (ex officio), Ann Young


Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Committee:

Sarah Cramer (chair), Kay Drake (ex officio), Olivia Burkett, Jason Neiser, Jackson Norris, Krista Rinehart, Todd Sheene, Jamie Shenton, Michael Spears, Kerry Steinhofer, Alycia Tidrick, Jan Wertz


College Council Steering:

Ellen Goldey (chair), Andrea Abrams, Eva Cadavid, Lane Cannon, Sarah Cramer, Lisa Curlis, Stephanie Dew, Karin Gill, Elizabeth Graves, Mark Lucas, Cole Newton, John Perry, Brian Rogers, Robert Schalkoff, Russ Strunk, John Wilson


Student Life:

Brian Rogers (chair), Pam Baughman, Dean Cochran, Kendrick Durham (ex officio), Ryan Gaines, Megan Grandey,  Injee Hong, Alicia Juncos, Annie Murphy, Graham Posner, Lauren Samuelson, Vanessa Song, Gregory Turay, Julie Wheeler, Amy Wise


Undergraduate Research Committee:

Eva Cadavid (co-chair)/Karin Gill (co-chair),  Chris Faulkner, Satty Flaherty-Echeverria, Mary Girard, Fernando Gonzalez, Karoline Manny, Drew Morris, Nate Meissner, Andrew Patrick (ex officio),  Bruce Rodenborn

Committees of the Faculty

Program Assessment Committee:

Michael Bradshaw (chair),  Maria Apostolova, Robyn Cutright (as needed), Michael Dixon, Jennifer Goff,  Michael Lamar, Karoline Manny, Chris Paskewich (spring), Alycia Tidrick (ex officio)


Curriculum & Academic Standards Committee (years remaining in office in parentheses):

Kelly O'Quin (chair)(1),  Benjamin Knoll (1), Andrew Roche (1),  Willie Costley (2), Daniel Scott (2), Tara Strauch (2), Thomas Manuel (non-voting), Ellen Goldey (ex officio), Alex McAllister (ex officio), Judith Pointer Keiser (ex officio), Amos Tubb (ex officio), Jeff Fieberg (ex officio)


Faculty Development Committee (years remaining in office in parentheses):

Lesley Wiglesworth (2) (chair),  Rob Bosco (1), Kristen Fulfer (1), Johann Van Niekerk (1),  Maria Apostolova (2),  Dan Manheim (2), Amanda Falk (3), Azita Osanloo (3), Jamie Shenton (3) 


Faculty Steering Committee (years remaining in office in parentheses):

J. Wilson (chair), Steve Asmus, Genny Ballard, Kelly O'Quin, Lesley Wiglesworth, John Harney (1) (Ravi Radhakrishnan - fall/CT replacement for John Harney), Kari Young (2) (Peggy Richey - CT/spring replacement for Kari Young), Amy Frederick (3)


Committee on General Education:

Danielle La Londe (co-chair), Amy Frederick (co-chair), Thomas Allen, Mauricio Castro, Robyn Cutright (as needed), Christina Garcia, Patrick Kagan-Moore, Ravi Radhakrishnan, Jeff Shenton, Ian Wilson


Off Campus Programs Committee (years remaining in office in parentheses):

Genny Ballard (chair) (3 ), Laura Chinchilla (2), Lee Jefferson (2 ), Ellen Swanson (fall)( 2), Burns-Cusato (spring replacement for Swanson), Marie Petkus (3), Mark Galatowitsch (3), Lori Hartmann (ex officio), Karen Ryan (ex officio), Robert Schalkoff (ex officio),  Mindy Wilson (ex officio) 


Review Board (years remaining in office in parentheses):

Mary Daniels (1), John Wilson (Ben Knoll is the replacement for 2019-2020) (1), Rick Axtell (2), Sara Egge (2), Lenny Demoranville (3), Danielle La Londe (3)


Tenure & Reappointment Committee (years remaining in office in parentheses):

Steve Asmus (1) (chair), Allison Connolly (2), Amos Tubb (Sarah Murray is the replacement for 2018-2021) (3), Jenn Goetz (4), John Kinkade (5), Dina Badie (6)
Special Subcommittee on Promotions: Asmus, Manheim, B. Johnson


Underrepresented Faculty Council (UFC):

Dina Badie (Chair), Shana Sippy (Chair), Laura E. Chinchilla (Diversity Fellows Chair), Satty Flaherty-Echeverria (Diversity Fellows Chair), Chantell Limerick (Diversity Mentorship Chair), Mauricio F. Castro, Christina B. Garcia, Rahim S. Mohamed, Sami J. Sweis, Kiyona Brewster, Genevieve A. Bell, Eva Cadavid, Jean Faye, Prayat Poudel, Joe Workman, Azita Osanloo, Isabella La Rocca, Mei Li Inouye, Sarthak Behera, Vanessa Song, Ravi Radakrishnan, Andrea Abrams (ex officio)


Writing Committee:

Azita Osanloo (chair), Robyn Cutright (ex-officio), Amanda Falk, John Kinkade, Stacey Peebles, Iulia Sprineana, Sami Sweis



Special Committees

In addition to the standing committees of the Council and faculty, special committees are appointed from time to time by the president or other officers of the College.

ADA Services & Housing Committee:

Brian Cusato (chair), Kay Drake, Mary Gulley, Joel Klepac, Jamey Leahey, Scott Messer, Jazmine Wilson, Ann Young



Jami Powell (chair), Steve Beaudoin, Nicole Frey, Ian Ice, Chantell Limerick, Peggy Richey, Alycia Tidrick (ex officio)


Campus Landscape Advisory Committee:

Brian Hutzley (chair), Nate Cash, Clay Contini, Stephanie Galli, Jay Hoffman, Brian Hoven, David King, Anne Lubbers, Megan Milby, Yvonne Morley,  Beau Weston, Ann Young


CARE Committee:

Andrea Abrams, Kendrick Durham, Ann Goodwin, Mary Gulley, Jessica Leonard, Gina Nicoletti-Bellinger,  Sarah Scott, Alycia Tidrick


Caregivers Task Force:

Andrea Abrams (chair), Jessica Durham, Carrie Frey, Elizabeth Graves, January Haile, Jessica Leonard, Matt Osborne, Stacey Peebles, Graham Posner, Jacky Seaver, Jamie Shenton, Ellen Swanson, Lesley Wiglesworth, Kaelyn Wiles, Mindy Wilson, Lisa Williams


CCPD Advisory Group:

Joy Asher (chair), Michael Bradshaw, Colleen Courtwright, Amy Frederick, Jessica Leonard, Patten Mahler


CTL Advisory Group:

Robyn Cutright (chair), Maria Apostolova, Mary Daniels, Satty Flaherty-Echeverria, John Harney, Sarah Murray, Kerry Paumi, KatieAnn Skogsberg


College Space:

Ann Smith (chair), Kay Drake, Kendrick Durham, Brad Fields, Ellen Goldey, Carrie Frey, Matthew Hallock (spring), Brian Hutzley, Thomas Manuel, Scott Messer, Bob Nesmith, Richard Trollinger


COVID-19 Crisis Management Task Force:

Brian Hutzley (chair), Andrea Abrams, Gary Bugg, Robyn Cutright, Kay Drake, Ellen Goldey, Brad Fields, Lori Hartmann, Randy Hays, Kathy Jones, Wayne King, Jamey Leahey, Alex McAllister, Milton Moreland, Yvonne Morley, Bob Nesmith, Andy Ryan, Russ Strunk, Michael Strysick, Richard Trollinger, Julie Wheeler, John Wilson 


Crisis Management Team:

Gary Bugg (chair), Cindy Arnold,  Kay Drake, Kendrick Durham, Ellen Goldey, Brian Hutzley, Jamey Leahey,  Scott Messer, Kevin Milby, Yvonne Morley, Milton Moreland, Anaris Sickles, Michael Strysick, Shane Wilson, Amy Wise


Division III Safety:

Cheryl Mayes (chair) (ex officio), Lynn Foley (ex officio), Christina Garcia, Karin Gill, Drew Morris, Peggy Richey, Erin Wachter (ex officio) 


Health Professions Advisory Group:

Kerry Paumi (chair), Amanda Falk, Aaron Godlaski, January Haile,  Drew Morris, Peggy Richey, Daniel Scott, KatieAnn Skogsberg


Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee:

Melissa Burns-Cusato (chair), Ken Dickey, Lynne Foley, Mark Galatowitsch, Mark Morgan, Eric Mount 


Institutional Review Board:

Kathe Andrews (chair), Kiyona Brewster, Brian Cusato, Aaron Godlaski, Ellen Goldey (signatory official), Mykol Hamilton, Allison Ramsey, KatieAnn Skogsberg, Christian Wood


John C. Young Scholars:

Amy Frederick (co-chair)/Azita Osanloo (co-chair), Sara Egge, Mark Galatowitsch, Sarah Murray, Chris Paskewich, Jeff Shenton



Bob Nesmith (chair), Andrea Abrams, Jessica Chisley, Ellen Goldey, Jenn Goetz, Mary Gulley, Randy Hays, Alex McAllister,


President’s Climate Commitment Advisory Committee:

Brett Werner (chair), Andrew Crown-Weber (community rep), Jean Faye, Megs Gendreau, Aaron Godlaski, Ellen Goldey, Elizabeth Graves, Elizabeth Haynes, Brian Hutzley, Patrick Kagan-Moore, Isabella La Rocca, Anne Lubbers, David McGrade, Scott Messer


QEP Implementation:

Lesley Wiglesworth (chair), Willie Costley, Robyn Cutright,  Carrie Frey, Stephanie Galli, Kirk Knott,  Michael Lamar, Megan Milby, Andrew Patrick


Shepherd Consortium Poverty Internship Committee:

Rick Axtell (co-chair), Mindy Wilson (co-chair), Andrea Abrams, Sophia Lombardo, Andrew Patrick, Ellen Prusinski, Jessie Weasner,  Beau Weston (ex-officio)


Teaching and Learning Spaces Group:

Kristi Burch, Bradley Dunn, Thomas Manuel, Alex McAllister, Scott Messer, Ann Smith


Technology Advisory Committee:

Jim Kelly (chair), David Anderson (spring), Dave Frey, Mary Girard, Bruce Jones, Jennifer Muzyka, Jami Powell, Andy Ryan (ex-officio), David Toth, Candace Wentz