College Council 




October 19
November 9
December 7

February 1
February 22

March 7

April 4
May 2


Meeting Time: 

11:30 am 



Council Structure

Although Centre is legally governed by a self-perpetuating Board of Trustees, its academic and community life is governed in large degree by the faculty and students. The primary body in campus governance is the College Council. 

2023-2024 College Council Representatives

Twelve members comprised of three students (SGA President ex officio), three staff members (President of Staff Congress ex officio), three faculty members (Faculty President ex officio), and three administrators.

Katherine M. Andrews (staff rep)

Pam Baughman (administration rep) 

Lois J. Delong (staff rep) 

Leonard T. Demoranville (faculty rep) 

Sophia A. Fisher-Cassiol (student rep)

Hailey H. Finch (student rep) 

Matthew R. Hallock (faculty rep) 

Sasha C. Haunz (student rep)

Michael E. Lavin (staff rep & secretary)

Jamey Leahey (administration rep)

Patten Mahler (faculty rep & chair)

Alex McAlister (administration rep)

Committees of the Faculty

Committee on General Education:

 Steve Beaudoin, Christina Garcia, Peter Haffner, Karoline Manny, Dana Neidmann, Kelly O’Quin, Jan Wertz

Curriculum & Academic Standards Committee (years remaining in office in parentheses):

Allison Connolly (1), Jon Earle (1), Kristen Fulfer (1), Mei Li Inouye (3), Drew Morris (3)


Faculty Development Committee (years remaining in office in parentheses):

Sarthak Behera (1), Kiyona Brewster (2), Megs Gendreau (2), Karin Gill (2), Jennifer Goff (1), Chantell Limerick (3), Ellen Prusinski (3), David Toth (1), Lesley Wiglesworth (3), Kaelyn Wiles (2)


Faculty Steering Committee (years remaining in office in parentheses):

Stephanie Dew (2), Helen Emmitt (3), Ravi Radhakrishnan (1)


Off Campus Programs (years remaining in office in parentheses):

Jeff Fieberg (3), David Hall (3), Sarah Murray (3), Kerry Paumi (2), Matthew Pierce(chair,2), Beau Weston (Fall only), Christian Wood (2)


Program Assessment Committee:

Mark Galatowitsch, Jennifer Goff, Kristen Kolenz, Karoline Manny, Chris Paskewich, Prayat Poudel


Review Board (years remaining in office in parentheses):

Steve Beaudoin (1), Eva Cadavid (3), Jeff Fieberg (3)


Tenure & Reappointment Committee (years remaining in office in parentheses):

Steve Beaudoin (1 yr. replacement), Laura Chinchilla (1 yr. replacement), Robyn Cutright (3), Sara Egge (6), Jenn Goetz (1), John Kinkade (2), Nathan Link (5), Karin Young (4)

Special Subcommittee on Promotions:
Lori Hartmann, John Kinkade, Nathan Link


Underrepresented Faculty Council (UFC):

Katrin Bahr, Sarthak Behera, Genevieve Bell (co-chair), Kiyona Brewster, Eva Cadavid, Mauricio Castro, Laura Chinchilla (co-chair), Jean Faye, Satty Flaherty-Echeverria (co-chair), Christina Garcia, Mei Li Inouye, Chantell Limerick, Azita Osanloo, Prayat Poudel, Ravi Radhakrishnan, Shana Sippy, Sami Sweiss, Joe Workman


Writing Committee:

Amanda Faulk, Anwesha Kundu, Azita Osanloo (chair), Stacey Peebles, Andrew Roche, Sami Sweiss, Karin Young