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A world without music would be like no light, everything would be empty. This is the power of music that makes everyone love it. Starting from the ancient times, you can listen to music directly, until now you can enjoy music in the form of multiple storages.

You may have seen vinyl records, this was the first music storage medium and is still used today.

If now the music is in the form of data, even with the advent of the internet, you can download songs directly without having to buy. This is what makes some people find out how to download songs on android? If previously downloading via a PC was easy, you can do almost the same directly from a smartphone.

We can download songs in mp3 and video formats. For the Mp3 format, we can use mp3juices , one of the free mp3 download websites.

You can now enjoy songs anywhere and anytime, no longer needing a media player because the songs have been converted into data, namely mp3 files, where you can listen directly from smartphones, gadgets, to computers.

Sophistication is what makes us always looking for ways to download songs on Android, but not just downloads must be safe from virus interference. It's not just computers that you have to be wary of getting infected with viruses, your favorite smartphone can also get viruses if you are diligent in surfing in cyberspace.

As we already know, a virus is a program that functions to damage other programs, viruses are deliberately created in order to develop anti-virus. Therefore you have to use how to download songs on Android quickly and safely, there is no need to be very careful and too worried, because there are many safe ways to be able to download songs directly from an Android smartphone.

Find Out How To Download Songs On Android Safely

Maybe you have mastered how to download songs from a PC, but how to download songs on Android safely? Follow some of the following tips so that you can get songs safely without having to be exposed to viruses:

  1. Login to trusted sites

The easiest thing you can do to be able to download songs directly to an Android smartphone is to go to a trusted site, there are lots of websites that provide song download services.

Both paid and free, entering here is safer because there are no viruses that might infect, besides that you can get the right song because there are already several groupings of song types.

Usually from the genre of the song, or you can also type the name and title of the song you are looking for.

  1. Enter keywords into search engines via browser

You've only heard some of the lyrics of the song, so you don't know what it's called. You can get the song by just typing some of the lyrics in a search engine, several websites will appear that provide downloads for the song. Because this is a search, so the site is not necessarily trusted, so you need extra attention.

  1. View song size and data type

Identifying the virus is actually easy and difficult, actually easy if you know what the signs of a virus file are, one of which is the size and type of data.

Viruses are usually small so they can be downloaded quickly, if from the type of file, you will be unfamiliar because it is not something you use on a daily basis.

Music files are usually .mp3, .mp4, or .avi. These are some examples of song file types that are indeed songs and not viruses, the size of one song is usually at least 3 MB to 10 MB, if it's a video like .mp4 and .avi, the size will be much larger but depends on the quality.

  1. Scan anti-virus before opening the file

Another way of dealing with viruses that may be carried in music files is to first scan all files that you downloaded before, this will provide extra security for your smartphone.

Because the virus will not spread and infect before the file is opened, if you have opened it then it could be that all the software in the android smartphone just disappears, it is not damaged but you lose all the data on the cellphone.

  1. Save in external memory data

Finally, after you download it is better to place it directly into external memory, if there is a possibility of a virus then it will only spread in memory so it doesn't interfere with the performance of the cellphone. If the virus has spread, just remove it and scan your anti-virus first before using your external memory.

The Right Steps On How To Download Songs On Android

Now you can download songs directly to your smartphone safely, use some tips on how to download songs on Android safely so you can continue to enjoy free songs from the internet without fear of getting a virus. Take some of the precautions above, especially if you are a person who has high mobility in cyberspace.