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Crime Log

Public Safety Contact Information

You may contact Public Safety by dailing "HELP" (4357) on a campus telephone or 859-236-4537 from all other telephones. The Public Safety Office is located at 847 West Walnut Street.

Centre Crime Log

Crime Year 

Date Occured: 02/14/2018, 6:14 p.m.
Reference#: 2017030901
Type of Offense: Small fire
Location of Offense: Sigma Chi House
Description: A student reported a small grease fire that had occurred on the stove in the Sigma Chi kitchen. The student had used a fire extinguisher to put out the flame. There were no injuries or damage to the stove.
Disposition: Closed

Date Occured: 01/24/2018, unknown time
Reference#: 20170278
Type of Offense: Burglary
Location of Offense: Nevin Hall
Description: Someone took a North Face jacket from an unlocked room.
Disposition: Open-under investigation

Date Occured: 01/24/2018, 1:00 AM
Reference#: 2017032601
Type of Offense: Rape
Location of Offense: Off-campus
Description: Student reports that she was raped at an off-campus location
Disposition: Open-under investigation