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Bus & Train


If you are planning to visit friends or family further away or
would like to explore the USA during your summer or winter
break, you can, of course, fly. But you can also take the train
or bus. This will not only save you money; you will also get to

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Danville Connection

Dan Tran also provides connection to various locations in Lexington by request. However, the last pickup from Lexington is at 2PM Monday to Saturday. The fare is $10 for a round trip. Once you get to Lexington, you can Uber or Lyft to other locations. Dep...

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Dan Tran Blue Grass Service Dan Tran is the public bus service of Danville and operates from Monday to Saturday, 8:00AM to 4:50PM. It costs $2/ride but some drivers make exception for Centre students

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Getting a Car

If you plan to drive a car while you are in Danville, first make
sure you have a valid driver’s license. (See the section above
on driver’s licenses.) You can park at Centre by purchasing a
 semester parking pass. 

Remember that you are ...

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Driver's License


It is very important that you read and understand the steps before going to Lexington to begin the process.


STEP 1. You will need a Social Security Card –OR– Ineligibility Letter from the Social Security Office.

STEP 2. Ask Jessica L...

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Centre Airport Shuttle Services

Centre provides a shuttle service to and from the airports in Lexington ($20 each way) and Louisville ($30 each way).

To ride the shuttle, you must fill out a shuttle request form for each shuttle (both to the airport and from the airport).

The request form...

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Booking a Flight

There are two airports that are close to Centre: Blue Grass Airport - LEX (Lexington) and Louisville International Airport - SDF (Louisville)

Suggested Websites to Book Flights

For inexpensive flights: Travelocity, Expedia, KAYAK, Orbitz, Routehappy, M...

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