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Student Passport

Before entering the United States, your government must issue you a passport. You are responsible to ensure that the passport is valid for at least six months beyond the date of your authorized stay in this country. Your embassy or consulate in the U.S. can extend, renew, or issue a new 
passport if necessary. Please consult with them to find out what forms you will need.

Keep your passport in a safe place at all times during your stay. You might want to write down the number and issue-date of your passport and keep this information in a separate place in case your passport is lost. The International Student Services Office will also keep a photocopy of your passport in your file.

Expiration Date of Visa

All students should be aware that passports, visas, and I-94 forms have expiration dates. Once you are in the United States, your entry-visa may expire without any consequences to you, since you have already entered the U.S. However, if you leave the United States with an expired visa, you must obtain a new one before you can return. Check with your International Student Advisor if you have questions about this. 
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