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Policy Guidelines for Centre's NeXt Online Newsletter & Classifieds 
The object of this new online newsletter is to facilitate internal communication among our campus community members (students, faculty & staff) .  We hope that our campus community members will use this new online resource for announcements, news and classifieds that best relate to our campus culture of learning, scholarship, professionalism and fun.  These policies are set forth to help you use this resource most effectively and appropriately.
If you have any questions about this resource, please email our Information Technology Services Helpdesk at or call x5575. 
  1. Please no solicitations of private businesses or company's products or services.  Only postings of interest to the campus or a segment of the campus population are appropriate for the main page.
  2. Private sales postings or information on non-profit events are allowed on the NeXT Classifieds area of the NeXT newsletter.  All private sales are the responsibility of the seller and the College takes no responsibility for the transaction.
  3. Absolutely no solicitations of illegal substances or services per the legal code of Kentucky or the U.S. Federal Government.
  4. Please post only those events, announcements or classifieds that are appropriate for the entire College community.  Obscene, lewd or otherwise unprofessional texts or photographs are prohibited and are restricted by campus policy.
  5. No postings of defaming or critical information targeted at any member of the College Community (faculty, staff, students, alumni or affiliated people or organizations) or outside individuals or groups are allowed.  Please keep all postings focused creative and constructive topics.
  6. Please keep your postings to the main campus announcements/ news area College-related or academic-related.
  7. Please keep your postings clear and concise (please try to stay under 100 characters) and always include a contact email address for viewers' needs for more information.
  8. All postings on this newsletter/ classifieds site are subject to removal at any point due to unlawful or inappropriate content.
Examples of appropriate postings:
(General Announcement area)
RecycleMania returns to campus through March 29
Recycling is all in a day’s work for Centre College students, faculty and staff, but for eight weeks this spring, the entire campus will kick it up a notch with RecycleMania, a competition between colleges and universities throughout the United States and Canada.  For more information please contact {your Centre email address here}. 
(Classified postings area) 
Danville City (or Boyle County) Band Fund-raising for trip to Spain
Please support the school band's efforts to play in Spain at the international concert band competition.  Please make your contributions out to the  Danville City (or Boyle County) Band and send to  {school address here}.  For more information, please contact {your Centre email address here}.  Thank you.