Printing your document

IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ - The PaperCut Web Print Feature only works with PDF files or standard graphics files.  In Word, Excel or other software, you must first "Save as" and select the file format for PDF, save it to your drive.


1) Go to the CentreNet portal -

2) Click the PaperCut icon.

3) Login to PaperCut using your Centre network username and password (firstname.lastname, not your Centre email address.)

4) Click the Web Print option in the left menu (near the bottom.)

5) Click the Submit a Job link.

6) Select print-server/Campus_Queue_Lexmark (virtual) from the list.

7) Click the 2. Print Options and Account Selection button.

8) Enter the number of copies you wish to print.

9) Click the 3. Upload Documents button.

10) In the upload panel, you can either drag and drop your file(s) to the page area or click the Upload from computer button.

11) Click the 2. Upload and Complete button.

Your printout is now ready to release at any campus printer using your CentreID#

(see the below for how to release your print job from any campus printer)


To release a print job

After you have submitted file to print, you can go to any printer on campus to release it.

1) Either enter your Centre ID or swipe your ID card at the printer.

2) Tap the Print Release button on the printer touchscreen to see your documents.

3) Select the print job you wish to release from the list or touch the Print All button.

The print should begin and your account will be charged accordingly.

* You will only be charged for the pages you print.

To delete a print job

If you would like to cancel a print job, please follow these steps.

1) Login to the Centrenet Portal.

2) On the Home tab, please click PaperCut.

3) Click the Jobs pending release link in the left-side menu.

4) Click the Cancel link next to the print job you would like to cancel.

NOTE: You will only be charged for pages you release, so don't worry about being charged for print jobs that you end up cancelling.

Adding funds to your PaperCut account

There are two locations on campus where you can purchase additional PaperCut funds for your account:

  • the Cashier's office in Horky House
  • the Library Circulation desk.

To add funds, simply purchase additional funds at one of these locations and follow the instructions on the "Add funds to PaperCut" form they provide.

If you have any issues adding funds, you can get assistance from either the Help Desk or the Library circulation desk.

Getting a refund

If you need to request a refund for a print job, simply send an email to explaining why you need a refund, the date you printed, you name, and your Centre ID. When we receive the email we will process the refund as quickly as time permits.

Example email to the Help Desk:


Subject:  PaperCut refund


I accidentally printed the same document twice and would like to get a refund for the second print. My name is John Smith, my Centre ID is 123456 and the date I printed was 1/1/2019