Papercut Print to Email


Papercut gives you the option to print by sending an email to a specific address.   Print to email accepts the same formats that Web Print works with (Microsoft Office document formats, PDFs, and most image file types).   


Print to emails does not print the contents of the email itself, it only prints the attachments.   If you wan to print the email itself using this feature you should save it as a PDF then, attach it to another email.  

Steps to Print:

1.  Open your email client and create a new email.

2.  Put the following address in the To: line

3.  Attach the file you want printed to the email and send it.   There is no need to add any additional text to the body of the email as the system will ignore it.  

4.  You will get a confirmation email back from Papercut letting you know the email is in the hold and release queue.

5.  Log into any Centre computer using your ID or swipe card.

6.  Choose the Release Print icon and select the file you want to print. 

Once you release the file to the printer it will begin printing immediately. 


Contact the ITS Help Desk if you are having any problems with this service.