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Mac will not print after password change / Held for authentication. 


You've been printing successfully but jobs are getting held in the queue and not being sent to the printer. You see "held for authentication." 


Mac computers use a "keychain" to store login information for faster access to things. When you change a password the keychain entry must be updated with the new password.  

STEP 1: Go to System Preferences, open Printers and Scanners, and select Open Print Queue 

STEP 2: Clear any held jobs by clicking the X beside the print job 

STEP 3:Go to Finder 

STEP 4: Choose GO >> Connect to Server 

STEP 5: Enter smb://print-server and click Connect 

STEP 6: When prompted enter Centre username and password and choose "remember this password in my keychain" 

STEP 7: Test printing 

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