How to print  to campus printers  from your Mac computer. 


STEP 1: Click the Finder application. Click on 'Go' located in the top of the screen and click on 'Connect to Server.’ 

STEP 2: There should be a new window that appears. Type in "smb://papercut/lexmark" into the 'Server Address' and click ‘Connect'. 

STEP 3: Click on 'Mac_Drivers', then 'Universal_Driver' and then double-click on 'Lexmark_Universal_Driver.dmg'  you may be prompted for your computer password to complete the installation. 

STEP 4: Navigate to the 'System Preferences' on your Mac. Select 'Printers & Scanners' and click on the '+' sign on the left side of the window. …' 



Click on the 'Advanced' item in the toolbar and select the following. 

**If you do not have an "advanced button" right click in the blank space on the toolbar between the Windows icon and the search bar and choose "Customize Toolbar" then drag and drop the Advanced button to the toolbar. 

Type: 'Windows printer (via spoolss)' 

Device: 'Another Device' 

Name: "Lexmark Campus Queue" (or whatever you want to name the campus printers)

Location: leave blank 

Use: 'Select Software...' 

Once you select the Use to be 'Select Software...' a window called 'Printer Software' should appear. Search for "Lexmark" and then select 'Lexmark Universal Mono'. Click ‘Ok'. 

Click 'Ok' until you get back to the 'Printers & Scanners' page. Then select 'Add'.

Click the 'configure' button that appears and then click 'OK'.

The new printer should be added, and you should be ready to print! 



After you have completed the steps to install the PaperCut software and printer drivers on your computer, you are ready to go to your favorite program and print. After you have selected the Campus_Queue_Lexmark printer and 

printed your document from a program like Microsoft Word, Excel or Apple Pages, your print job then go to a central “server” computer. It will be stored there for 2-hours until you release the job to a printer. 

To release your job from any campus Lexmark networked printer (the Library is a great place!), swipe your student ID card or enter either your Centre username/password or your student ID number into the printer interface, click the “release print job” icon on the printer screen and use the interface to select your print job and print! 


*OPTIONAL STEP - add the Papercut client to see your printing balance on screen at all times (this will be shown when you release print jobs so you may choose to not have the client installed)

STEP 1: Click on Finder and then  'Go' located in the top of the screen and choose 'Connect to Server.’ 

STEP 2: There should be a new window that appears. Type in "smb://print-server/PCClient" into the 'Server Address' and click 'Connect'. If prompted, please enter your Centre account credentials. 

STEP 3: Click on 'Mac' and then double-click 'client-local- install' to install PaperCut into your Applications folder. You may wish to drag the PaperCut app to your dock since you will need to start it first to print to a network printer. 

STEP 4: Once PaperCut has been installed on your computer, a new window should appear asking you for your Login Credentials. You should enter your Centre username and password. Make sure to select the checkbox labels 'Remember my credentials', and then click 'Ok'. 

STEP 5: Navigate to the 'System Preferences' on your Mac and select 'Users & Groups' and then click on your profile. 

STEP 6: Click on 'Login Items' at the top, and then click on the '+' sign below the word “column”, then in the new window click on 'Applications' on the sidebar, select 'PCClient', and then click ‘Add'.