Students - How do I install the full version of Office 365 on my computer? (Mac/PC) 

Office 365 is available to install for free on up to 5 personal devices, including Android, Windows, Apple OS X, and iOS. This install guide will cover how to install the software on Apple OS X or Microsoft Windows. 

1.) Click this link: It will take you to a Microsoft sign in page where you will input your Centre email address and click next. 


2.) After clicking next, it will send you to the Centre SSO login page where you will sign in with your Centre credentials. It may ask whether the account is work/school or personal; make sure you select work/school. See the image below.

3.) Once you have logged into the Centre SSO, you will see the page below. Just select 'Install Office' and it will download the version of Office365 that is correct for your machine.

4.) Open the downloaded installer folder, and run it on our device. When the install completes, open any Office program, and log-in with your Centre email / password if prompted. 

5.) You're finished! Note, this copy of Office 365 will only be available on up to 5 devices, and will last up to 1 year AFTER graduation.  



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