Centre College OneDrive for Business


What is OneDrive for Business?

OneDrive is similar to your personal U: drive, but you can access your files anywhere, on any device.  It also allows you to share and work on files with your colleagues instead of sending attachments.  It is the only cloud service supported by Centre College’s ITS.


How much storage space do we get?

You get 5TB of storage space for all types of files.  There is a 15GB limit for the size of any single file.


Accessing your OneDrive


Sharing a file or folder anonymously

To a file or folder anonymously, you select the file or folder and click Copy Link from the top bar.  Anonymous sharing using a link is one of the simplest forms of sharing in OneDrive.


The permission are set by default so anyone with this link can edit the file.  You can change the permissions to limit access to certain people or make it read only by unchecking the “Allow editing” checkbox.

After copying the link you can now send the link in an email or post it on a web site like Moodle.  Anyone with this link will be able to access, and depending on permissions, edit the file.  Take care to secure sensitive information!

The link will take of the format of: https://centreedu-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/g/personal/_centre_edu/EmoDPEXrsBRBjhTUOUXjT7YBRKYyE18rBzaMVDU9EGTag?e=VqCwyh  (the link shown is a non-working example)


You can stop sharing a file or folder at any time by selecting the file or folder and clicking the “Shared” icon at the right.  It will bring up a Manage Access window.  From there you can click the three dots icon and delete the link.  You can also change the editing permission or set an expiration date for the link to automatically be removed.


Sharing with a specific users

You can also share a document or folder with a specific person or people.  You select the file or folder as described above and click “Share”.   You will be presented with a “Send Link” box, you can add the names or email addresses of the users that you want to have access.  You can also change permissions by clicking “Anyone with a link can edit” as described in the previous section.  Click “Send” when done adding users.



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