To register your iPhone, please see the how-to video or the instructions listed below:

  1. To begin tap settings, then Wi-Fi and choose "centrewifistart" from the list of available networks.  Once your iPhone is connected to the "centrewifistart" network close your settings app and open a web browser. 

  2. In your web browsers go to a page you don't often visit on your phone, like  This is to avoid any problems with your web browser showing you a cached page because you visit it often.  You will be redirected to the network registration page. 

  3. Enter your Centre College username and password and click Sign On. 

  4. Accept the Acceptable Use policy for Centre College's network by scrolling to the bottom of the policy and clicking Accept. 

  5. Click the Start Button 

  6. Enter a name for your device and optional description.  This will allow you to more easily manage your devices in your My Devices Portal in the future. 

  7. Click Launch Apple Profile and Certificate Installers Now. 

  8. You will be asked to tap allow, install, done and your passcode multiple times depending on the configuration of your phone.  Just follow the prompts as they appear. 

  9. If you pause for too long during the process you may get a warning that the process failed and you need to try again.  You will need to close your browser and start over if that occurs. 

  10. Once you're done, you will need to disconnect from the centrewifistart network and connect manually to the centre802x network.  This will be the only time you need to manually do this process. 

  11. Once you are connected to the centre802x network you are done on-boarding your device.  You should click the "I" next to the centrewifistart network and choose Forget This Network.  This will prevent your phone from accidentally reconnecting to the on-boarding network in the future. 

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