To register your Roku/Smart TV/Alexa/Apple TV, etc. please see the how-to video or the instructions listed below:

  1. From a web browser go to the following web site and log in with your Centre username and password. 

  2. Click Continue 

  3. Click Add 

  4. Enter a device name, for example "Lisa's Awesome Roku", use something appropriate for you and your device. 

  5. Enter the wireless MAC address of your unit in the Device ID field.  If you don't know how to find the MAC address you can just Google  "How to find Android phone MAC address" or "How to find Roku MAC address." for example.  The mac address should be of the format:  aa:bb:cc:11:22:33 

  6. You can enter an optional Description, for example "Roku" 

  7. Click "Submit" 

  8. Join your device to the wireless network named "centre". 

  9. Don't worry if your device is listed as "Pending", it will work on the network without issue. 

  10. If you are done adding devices you can exit from your My Devices Portal by closing the window of clicking "Welcome" at the top right and choosing "Sign Out".  If you have other devices to add you can begin again by click the Add button. 

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