If you have enabled your quarantine box on our email filtering system you will need to manage the messages that are quarantined.  Once ever day, around 3PM, you will receive an email from the system with a list of the messages you will find in your quarantine box.  You can click Deliver to release the emails to you email account inbox.  You can click Whitelist to add the from address to you personal system email allowed list.  Once added to your allowed list messages will never be blocked from that email address again.  You can click Delete to delete just that individual email or View to see the entire email.  You may also choose Delete All Displayed Emails to permanently delete all the messages listed in the email. 

Your message will only be available in your quarantine box for 30 days.  At that point they will be permanently delete from the system. 


When you click on a link it will open your account on our filtering system.  From there you can take more actions, like marking messages SPAM or Not SPAM. 

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