This policy governs the disposition of Centre College constituent email accounts precipitated by a change in status. 


  • Staff who leave College employment for any reason other than termination: email account will be closed 30 days following the last date of employment (per HR records). 

  • Faculty who leave the College at the conclusion of Spring Term: email account will be terminated on September 1 of the same calendar year, allowing the individual time to establish an account at the new institution or place of employment. 

  • Faculty who leave the College, for any reason, during the academic year other than at the conclusion of Spring Term: email account will be terminated 30 days following the last date of employment/termination date (per HR records). 

  • Faculty and staff who retire from the College and who are designated with Emeriti status or who retire with a minimum of 15 years of continuous active service (as defined for Years of Service awards): email account remains active and is not terminated. 

Note: Individuals whose email accounts remain active will continue to have membership on the appropriate callisto distribution list unless the individual specifically requests to be removed from said list. Only Centre College email addresses are included in distribution lists. 

  • Any exception to this policy must be approved by the appropriate Senior Staff official. 


  • Students who complete graduation requirements from the College: email accounts remain active until June 1 one year following the completion of their course of study at which time they are offered an email account through Alumni Affairs. 

  • Students who voluntarily withdraw from the College prior to graduation: email account will be terminated 30 days following the last date of enrollment (per Registrar’s Office records). 

  • Students who are suspended, either for academic or disciplinary reasons, and are eligible to apply for readmission: email account will be terminated 270 days following the effective date of the suspension (per Registrar’s Office records) if the student has not been readmitted to the College. 

  • Students with an approved Leave of Absence: email account remains active pending individual’s return to regular enrollment. 

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