The following video and instructions detail how to set up and use the new quarantine box feature of our email filtering system.  This allows you more control over the process of filtering spam from your incoming email.  It allows you to inspect messages that have been blocked from being delivered to your inbox and retrieve those messages that may have been mistakenly blocked. 

  1. Go to in any web browser. The login and interface can be slow, the system is processing about 100k email messages per day.  This is especially true if this is the first time you've logged into this system, as it is creating your account with the default settings. 

  2. Enter your Centre Username and Password as shown below. 

  1. Click "Preferences" and then click "Quarantine Settings" as shown below  

  1. Make sure Enable Quarantine and Quarantine Notification are set to Yes and Daily. 

  1. Click on Spam Settings 

  2. Under Spam Scoring set Use Domain Defaults to No.  We recommend you set your scoring to the following; 







  1. These setting will work for most people, however you can make adjustments to fit your needs. 

  2. Click save to confirm the changes you've made to your quarantine settings.  You will now receive an email daily with a summary of the contents of your quarantine box.  Please see the section, Managing my Quarantined Items for how to release items to you inbox and delete unwanted email.