Having trouble with the Computer?

  • Check to make sure PC is powered on - Press the power button on the computer if it’s not on.
  • Check to make sure the monitor is powered on - Press the power button on the monitor if orange.
  • Restart the computer.

Having trouble with the projector?

  • Press Windows  + P to cycle between Duplication and Extended Desktop modes. *(in extended mode, you must click and drag windows to your desired display.)
  • If using Power Point, click the slide show tab. Next, use the “Monitor” drop down menu to select the display you would like to use for your presentation.
  • Adjust your screen resolution by right-clicking the desktop background and selecting Display Settings. Set the resolution to the recommended setting and select keep changes.
  • From the touch panel, shut down the system and wait 30 seconds. Turn the system back on.
  • Use the projector remote control to turn the projector on or off.
  • Using the projector remote, verify the projector input is set to “Digital Link”.
  • Visit the ITS Knowledge base on Centrenet for additional help.

No sound?

  • Click on the sound icon located in the bottom right corner next to the time.
  • Adjust the volume slider of the application playing your media.
  • Click the sound icon and then click the ^ arrow next to Speakers/ Headphones. Select Crestron as your playback device.              
  • Adjust the volume on the touch panel.
  • Some classrooms require the projector to be on in order to enable the ceiling speakers.

DVD not playing?

  • Wipe or clean any fingerprints or smudges from the DVD/CD surface.
  • Play media from the computer using VLC Media Player.



Please, shutdown the system from the touch panel after your class is over. Thank you.

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