Maintaining Your Campus Group Page 

Student Organizations and Clubs can now use CentreNet to edit their group rosters, send announcements, and store group documents. This wiki article is designed to help you edit your groups page and add custom content.  

Creating a New Group 

  1. If you would like to create a new Campus Group you must go to the Campus Life tab in CentreNet and select the link titled Student Organizations.  This will bring you to the Student Organizations home page.  On the right hand side of this page you'll see a section called "My Campus Organizations"; click the "Create New Campus Group" link under this section.

  1. This link will take you to a New Group Application form that will you will need to fill out. Once you hit the "Submit Application" button an email will be sent to the Student Life Office for approval. You will receive an email if the campus group is approved or declined.  

  • The application allows you to decide if your group is Public or Private. Public groups are able to be viewed or searchable by all users on CentreNet. Setting a group to Public doesn't mean anyone can join your group. The Public Group Enrollment setting determines if you want your group to be open, closed, or available by invitation. Private groups are hidden from users and new members are only allowed to join the group by invitation.  

Editing Your Campus Group Page 

  1. When the Student Life Office approves your group, the system will automatically create three pages in CentreNet if your group is private or four pages if your group is public. A public group contains an extra "Public Page" that non-members can see. This article will address making modifications to the Members Page. Your default page will look like the following:  

  1. If you would like to change the layout of your group page you can click the Wrench in the upper right hand corner of the page, 


you must click the "Layout" tab in order to change the order of the portlets.  

  1. The About This Group portlet provides you with an area to add a description of your organization. You can create your description by clicking the "Create Content" link.  

  • Once you click the link a text box will be displayed, where you can add text, images, links, and html. If you are copying something from Word, please use the copy from word icon.  

  1. There is a Calendar portlet where you can add events or important dates for your group. These events will only show up on this portlet, the events will not show up on the Event Centre Calendar. If your group has a Google Calendar they are already using please contact the ITS helpdesk and we will help you display the Google calendar instead. If you are going to use the default group calendar, please click the "Add An Event" button to add an event.  

  • If this is the first time you have created an event, the system will ask you to give your calendar a name. Please enter a calendar name and description and click "Save". Next you should be given a screen to enter in your event information. Once you are finished entering your event information, please click "Save" and your event should be displaying in your calendar portlet.  

  1. The Announcements Portlet allows you to display important message to your group members. To create an announcement you must click the "Show All Announcements" button.  

  • You will be taken to a screen that shows the current announcements from the group. If you would like to add a new announcement you must hover over the "Manage" button and select "New Announcement" when the button is displayed. That will bring up a screen where you can enter your new announcement. Once you are finished entering your announcement, please click "Save" and your announcement should display to your group memebers.  

  1. The Manage This Group Page allows you to add/remove members from your group. It also controls what members are leaders (officers). This area will also drive who is included in the group list email.  To access this page you need to click the hamburger icon in the left and corner of the page to show the left hand menu. 

     To send an user an invitation you will need to click the "Add New Members" button.

  • After clicking the "Add New Members" button a screen will appear that will allow you to add users to the invitation for your group and allow you to edit the text of the email the user is going to receive. The screen can get somewhat cramped, so ITS recommends you click the "Manage Members" link in the left sidebar so you see the screens in full view. Once you are done preparing your invitation you must click the "Add Selected Users to Group and Notify" button.  

  1. The Group Documents portlet allows you to store files and documents for your group. You can attach Word, PDF, and EXCEL documents or videos. So just need to click the "Add Handouts" button to save a file. For example, you can store your group constitution.  



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