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As of the Fall semester of 2009, Early Progress Reporting has been migrated to an online service. This page describes how faculty can submit reports for eligible students. 

Detailed Instructions 

Submitting reports is easy. If any of your courses contain students who are eligible, you will receive an email when the reporting session opens detailing the courses that require reporting. 

 Reporting your Courses 

Step 1: Login to Centrenet. 


Step 2: Under the Faculty tab, click the Submit Early Progress Reports for Students link in the Faculty Menu and select the link "Click here for Early Progress Reporting". 


Step 3: If you have a reporting obligation, you will see a list of courses. Select the course you wish to report on. 


Step 4: Once you select a course, you can now report on each eligible student in that course. Choose one of the three evaluation options and type in any appropriate comments.  


Step 5: Choose Submit Reports to save your submissions. You can save at any time and return to finish your reporting later. 


For a course to be considered complete, you must select a radio button option for each student. Comments are not required for completion, but are helpful to advisors. 



Viewing your Advisees' Reports 

Step 1: Login to Centrenet. 


Step 2: Under the Faculty tab, click the View Early Progress Reports for Advisees link in the Faculty Menu and select the link "Click here for Early Progress Reporting". 


Step 3: You will need to click the Advising tab in the portlet to view your advisees early progress reports. 


Step 4: You can view a student's early progress report by clicking the view button next to their ID number.  


Step 5: All your advisees that need an early progress report submitted will be displayed in this list and the system will tell you if not all faculty have submitted a progress report. Choose Back to student list when you are finished looking at the report. 



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