Creating Student Work Contracts 

Users can now start a work contract with a student or a supervisor through CentreNet. You can also view contracts you need to accept, decline, or edit through the Student Work Contract Portlet.  

Please note that completing a Student Federal Work-Study Contract should in no way be interpreted as a guarantee of the student's eligibility for federal work-study.  

How to get to the Student Work Contract Portlet 

  1. Log in to CentreNet using your Centre login and password.  

  2. Click on the StaffFaculty or Student tab, as appropriate. 

  1. Choose the ColonelsWork Page from the left sidebar. 

  • You can use these links below to be taken directly to the Student Work Contract Portlet in CentreNet (You will first be asked to login to CentreNet before you are redirected to the Student Work Contract Portlet):  

Start a New Work Contract 

  1. While in the Student Work Contract Portlet you can start a new work contract with a student if you are a supervisor or start a new work contract with a supervisor if you are a student. To start a new contract you must first search for the user by last name or by ID number. After you have selected the user you are looking for, you will need to click the 'Start New Contract' button.  

  1. After clicking the button you will be taken to the Contract screen, which looks like the paper copy of the Federal Work Study Contract. From this screen you can select a job title, enter in hours, and enter a payrate for the position you are applying for in this contract. If a job title isn't listed that you are looking for then contact Laura Keown to enter the job title into the system. You must also agree to the terms and conditions of the contract before submitting this document. You are also allowed to enter comments for the request supervisor/student worder or for the Financial Aid Office. 

  1. To choose another payrate you must select 'Other' from the pay rate drop down list and a window will popup where you can enter the new amount. Please enter the new payrate in the textbox and click the 'Confirm' button.  

  1. Once you are finished entering in the work contract information, please click the "Submit Contract" button to save the contract to the system and allow the other member to accept, decline, or edit the contract. In addition, the requested supervisor or student worker will be notified through email that a work contract has been created. 

  • For all students submitting a new work contract, it is recommended that you meet with the supervisor during the work contract process.  

View Existing Work Contracts 

  1. The table at the bottom of the screen lets you view existing contracts in the system. Existing contracts are separated into 5 different categories: Current, Pending, Accepted, Completed, and Declined. To view the different types of contracts you will need to select the type you are looking for from the Contract Type drop down list.  

    • Current Contract - These are the contracts for the current jobs you are involved with for this academic year. You can renew this contract for the next academic year. Once you renew a contract it moves into the Pending Contract list.  

    • Pending Contract - These contracts are either waiting to be accepted or declined by you or the other member of the contract. If a pending contract is accepted by both the supervisor and student worker, it is moved to the accepted contract list. If a pending contract is declined by either the supervisor or student worker, it is moved to the declined contract list where changes can be made.  

    • Accepted Contract - Both members have agreed to the terms of the contract and the contract has been submitted to the Financial Aid Office to be approved. Once a contract is approved, then the contract is marked as completed.  

    • Completed Contract - The Financial Aid Office has approved these work contracts and the process to grant Federal Work Study has begun. However, a work contract does not guarantee a student will receive Federal Work Study.  

    • Declined Contract - These contracts have either been declined by the other member of the contract or by the Financial Aid Office. If a contract has been declined you are allowed to edit the contract and resubmit it. If you resubmit a declined contract it goes back into the pending contract list. 

  2. To edit contracts you need to click the 'Renew' or 'View' button.  

    • If you have an existing work position, you can choose to renew the contract with the current supervisor/student worker. A renewed contract will still need to be approved by the other member of the contract and the Financial Aid Office. Once a renewed contract has been submitted by you, it can be found under the Pending Contract type. 

    • If you would like to accept, edit, or decline a work contract you must hit the 'View' button.  

    • Your comments will be saved with the contract no matter if you are accepting, declining, or editing a work contract. Also, these comments will be viewable by the supervisor, student worker, and Financial Aid Office.  


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