An updated Healthy At Work Plan is now available in the HR Documents Section.   You must be logged in to access this form. 


All across our Centre community we are seeing heroes- displaying extraordinary resilience, creativity, and sheer perseverance to help our College thrive while we adapt to countless unforeseen challenges. What you are doing matters and we say thanks. With that in mind, I am pleased to share a new way you can help the College recognize the many efforts of our talented staff and faculty. Please find a new online form here and help us spread the word of employees who should be celebrated for their work during these challenging times. 


In support of everyone, we will continue to regularly share information you may find helpful in dealing with these unprecedented times. Please reach out to the HR team if we can be of help. Please let us know if there are topics you would like to see new or additional information on over the next few weeks.


May is mental health awareness month and this year it seems more important than ever. According to the article, COVID 19- What Now? Fostering Healthy Parasympathetic Function “…we know that the collective stress is wreaking havoc on people’s nervous systems, keeping us in a more constant state of fight or flight and it’s also important to address how to best nurture healthy parasympathetic response (the body’s ability to calm and regulate) …” Find here some good tips on helping our body’s ability to calm and regulate in these challenging times.


Through our employee assistance program, employees have access to counselors who understand pandemic-related stress and are available by phone or on the web 24/7. These services are available to all Centre employees and their family members including children struggling with mood, anxiety, behavior, or learning disorders.


My mask protects you; your masks protect me. Governor Andy Beshear has recently announced new guidance for the 'Healthy at Work' initiative. One of the recommendations is that all Kentuckians should wear a mask in public.


As we all continue to look for ways to balance reopening the state and help others stay safe, we would remind all members of staff, faculty, and students of the campus community to wear a mask when you’re in a public building/space on campus where other social distancing measures are difficult.  Please wear your mask if you go to Cowan, particularly to eat/pick up food.  The CDC guidance on face masks is quite informative.


If you need a mask, please be in contact with Dawn Sears in Facilities Management. 


10 most helpful work-from-home tips. In this article, How Ready Are We to Work from Home? “…Newly remote workers are adjusting and advice can help. As they manage the shift to remote work, they identified the three tips that are most helpful to them. The three most popular: creating a designated work space at home, managing the day with a to-do list, and preparing for each day as if you were going to the office…”



Tell us if you need something. Our staff and faculty are a diverse group of talented individuals, so we want to check in to ask what support people need right now. Some of us may be craving more opportunities to engage and connect with colleagues, while others dread seeing more meetings added to their calendars. Remember, all are invited to share their unique experiences and strategies on the Centre Cares Reporting Form.


Studies of previous virus quarantines have found that people under quarantine deal with anxiety, depression, anger, irritability, and PTSD. Spouses and families are going through a time of stress like never before. Centers in the US are seeing a significant spike in domestic violence calls.


The National Domestic Violence Hotline is pairing up with NO MORE to spread a new public awareness campaign called #ListeningFromHome to create awareness and encourage neighbors to keep eyes and ears open for abusive behavior.


There are many local resources for you and your family. The Kentucky Department for Public Health (KDPH) is responding actively to the COVID-19 situation and is a great resource of information.


For more information or to stay informed with reputable information you can also visit the CDC.